IBMC Cheyenne Rewards Students for Academic Achievement in Career Training Classes

The Institute of Business & Medical Careers, Inc. Medical, Legal, Business and Massage Students for Excellence in Course Work

The Institute of Business & Medical Careers, Inc. congratulates outstanding achievement at 1980’s themed Student Award Assembly, hosted  at the Cheyenne, Wyoming campus, 1854 Dell Range Boulevard on August 30, 2012.

Students currently study programs in the business, medical, legal and massage fields. The following students, listed below, were honored at this session’s Student Assembly.

President’s List 4.0 GPA:
Ashley Anderson, Rebecca Andrade, Shanell Arias, Jennifer Barnes, Shannon Benson Amanda Bretas, Jessica Britton, Shayla Bronson, Kristina Brooks-Schaffter, Kayla Broyles, Erin Carter, Jessica Chivers, Anna Cruz, Sarah Dean, Tanessa Dvorak, Brandin Fanning, Jamie Foster, Brittny Harnish, Cassidy Heatherington, Kristi Hulet, Margaret Juniker, Angelene Kelley, Danielle Kelly, Vince Kelly, Jessica Lawson, Francine Lilly, Amanda Linn, Blaze Lipowski, Steven Lunden, Carrie Marriner, Susan McNair, Katie Mertz, Kelsey Miller, Lynne Moore, Stephanie Morris, Jessica Nuesca, Angela Plunkett, Teresa Read, Ashli Ricketts, Anna Roesch, Cara Roland, Michael Rollberg, Amanda Rosentreter, Mary Scherden, Kristy Schwarting, Chance Stoner, Joy Syvanen, Autumn Taninies, Dawn Travis, Jacqueline Tretter, Leanna Trujillo, Misty Vance, Kylie Varga, Debbie Vick, Ashley Whitehead, Joyell Whitman, Maria Wolfe and Christina Wood

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 GPA:
Brenda Allen, Samuel Allen, Lauren Blattner, Gerald Boyd, Haley Cox, Amanda Culley, Ashley Dike, Roy Edmunds, Tosha Gallegos, Nathan Godfrey, Anne Hardan, Brittany Hargraves, Amy Hassinger, Conner Hoflund, Amanda Jenkins, Lacy Jordan, Kelly Lanning, Courtney Linde, Amanda Miller, Ashley Paradis, Tracie Paul, Ashley Peterson, Jessica Rodriguez, Ramon Rodriguez, Heather Roldan, Adriana St. Rose, Megan Vining, Jordan Walter and Gilbert Yanez

Exceptional Attendance:
Rachel Allen-Reinacher, Ashley Anderson, Rebecca Andrade, Gerald Boyd, Jessica Britton, Shayla Bronson, Kayla Broyles, Erin Carter, Amanda Culley, Sarah Dean, Ashley Dike, Roy O Edmunds, Brandin Fanning, Jamie Foster, Brittny Harnish, Amy Hassinger, Vince Kelly, Kelly Lanning, Francine Lilly,Amanda Linn, Blaze Lipowski, Amanda Miller, Kelsey Miller,Lynne Moore, Jessica Nuesca, Angela Plunkett, Ramon Rodriguez, Michael Rollberg, Caroline Shafer, Adriana St. Rose, Autumn Taninies, Debbie Vick, Ashley Whitehead, Joyell Whitman, Maria Wolfe and Gilbert Yanez

For more information about accredited programs and other accelerated career training courses at the IBMC Cheyenne, Wyoming college campus, call (800) 495-2669 or

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