IBMC College Hosts Student Awards Ceremony for Fort Collins Campus

Students receive academic accolades during recent quarterly Student Awards Assembly at local career training school.

The students of IBMC College in Fort Collins, CO, 3842 South Mason Street, received recognition for outstanding academic achievement during the Student Awards Assembly that was held on November 21.  Awards were presented to students for exceptional attendance and academic excellence, while select staff and faculty members were honored for their contributions to student success.

IBMC College staff and faculty members held this “Fall Festival” themed assembly to honor students currently enrolled in business, dental, legal, medical and massage courses, who have excelled in the past ten weeks of career training classes.

President’s List 4.0 GPA by City:
Heather Thuesen  Cheyenne: Angela Harmon  Eaton: Emma Thies-Helling  Estes Park: Jennifer Juneau  Fort Collins: Lizette Anaya, Mia Arcilla, Jivonna Baldridge, Emily Beiler, Kendall Best, Amy Black, Kathryn Bratz, Samantha Bridges, Megan Brissey, Amy Bushnell, Ashlee Bybee, Andrea Collier, Mackensie Couch, Lisa Duncan, Courtney Flannery, Nicole Flannery, Lalena Forte, Irazema Frasquerro, Allan Gardner, Kaila Gettig, Elisabeth Gillette Weaver, Tanya Hawkins, Dakota Hintergardt-Anstett, Jeff Hollcroft, Heather Hubach, Greg James, Gregory Jones, Anne Kobus, Amy Kopriva, David Leeper, Raul Lopez, Theresa Martinson, Katharine Massey, Sheila Millard, Susette Miller, Douglas Mouton, Anita Nemitz, Kevin Niemann, Larissa Ortiz, April Paris, Brent Price, Kara Ramboz, Kamber Ramos, Breanna Rand, Ashley Raymond, Nancy Reynolds, Alex Rios, Stacie Rodriguez, Nicole Rodriquez, Karla Sanchez Mendoza, Jeremiah Sauter, Heather Schulle, Melissa Schwam, Cassandra Scott, Brittany Shaw-Falcon, Christopher Sifuentes, Hailey Slee, Ashley Slivka, Elizabeth Snyder, Meghan Stephenson, Brian Stilson, Maria Warburton, Mark Widdows and Melissa Zuniga-Torres  Johnstown: Christy Hyatt  Laporte: Marcelle Simpson  Loveland: Shannon Boyce, Heather Burgess, Kassandra Cowley, Chrystal Crawley, Heather Deringer, David Detter, Deziree Garcia, Yesenia Garcia, Diana Gomez, Marina Hough, Jordan Hucke, Diane Jensen, Donalea Loewen, Lisa Maya, Carolyn McEvoy, Chelsi Montez, Jessica Oliver, Sabrina Perkins, Chelsea Ruth, Marissa Sadusky, Erika Schultz and Kristy Smith  Nashua: Amy Cletcher  Wellington: Samoa Brown, Whitney Brown, Bianca Camacho, Ronda Donahue, Julie Prall, Darian Ramos and Kristine Robinson  Windsor: Gina Asadi, Jeffry Bott, Vanessa Castaneda, Nicole Gonzalez, Tristi Harmon, Kallyn Hunter, Lindsey Kohles and Laura Pesses

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 by City:
Megan Ahroon  Cheyenne: Kelsey Myrup  Fort Collins: Andre Alvarez, Shirley Aragon, Ashley Bodnar, Dustin Clutterbuck, Cari Culler, Jori Diederich, Daniela Granados, Elad Israeli, Dasha Jessee, Megan Jett, Stephanie Lynch, Tony Monthei, Janet Nogal, Antoinette Pulido-Baeza, Adelcia Rodrigues, Juana Torres Ibarra and Amanda Vanderwyk  Loveland: Amanda Call, Landon Ekstrom, Cassandra Hronek, Tanya Hurley, Courtney Hyatt, Shandra Monday, Karen Null, Tamara Owens and Amanda Shively  Windsor: Jackie Bernhardt

Exceptional Attendance by City:
Fort Collins:
Jivonna Baldridge, Emily Beiler, Kendall Best, Kathryn Bratz, Samantha Bridges, Andrea Collier, Cari Culler, Kaila Gettig, Elisabeth Gillette Weaver, Tanya Hawkins, Jeff Hollcroft, Greg James, Dasha Jessee, Gregory Jones, Anne Kobus, Amy Kopriva, Raul Lopez, Theresa Martinson, Anita Nemitz, Kevin Niemann, Janet Nogal, Brent Price, Kara Ramboz, Ashley Raymond, Alex Rios, Heather Schulle, Melissa Schwam, Christopher Sifuentes, Brian Stilson and Mark Widdows  Loveland: Shannon Boyce, Heather Burgess, David Detter, Landon Ekstrom, Marina Hough, Lisa Maya and Carolyn McEvoy  Wellington: Ronda Donahue Windsor: Gina Asadi, Lindsey Kohles and Laura Pesses

Rising STAR Students:
Alex Rios, Lindsey Kohles and Stacie Rodriguez

STAR Students:
Brent Price, Christina Campbell and Blair Severin

Students of the Quarter:
Kristine Robinson, Elisabeth Gillette Weaver and Jivonna Baldridge

Faculty of the Quarter:
Colleen Wolf  

Staff of the Quarter:
Kira McCormack

The Fort Collins campus of IBMC College now offers exciting new programs in Dental Assisting and Computer Systems Technology! To learn more about these programs and our existing business, legal, massage and healthcare program offerings, please call (970) 223-2669 or visit

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