Student Awards Ceremony Held at Longmont Campus of IBMC College

Students receive recognition for outstanding academic achievements during recent Student Awards Assembly at local career training school.

Staff and faculty members at the Longmont, CO campus of IBMC College, 2315 North Main Street, recently held a “Fall Festival” themed Student Awards Assembly.  Students were presented with certificates for exceptional attendance and academic excellence in the ceremony that took place on November 21.  Select faculty and staff members were also recognized for serving as outstanding role models and leaders on the Longmont campus.

This quarterly event is held to honor current students enrolled in business, dental, legal, medical and massage courses, who have excelled in the previous ten weeks.

President’s List 4.0 GPA by City:
Virginia Preast  Berthoud: Jade DeMoe, Gabriella Gutierrez and Beverly Mireles  Boulder: Michelle Thomas Broomfield: Danya Ahram and Stephen Barro  Dacono: Sadee Franklin  Firestone: Tamira Griffin, Catherine McIntyre, Britney Rader, Sheree Romero and Katrina Tirado Fort Lupton: Derek Torres  Frederick: Stehlin Crawford  Johnstown: Carrie Ruhl  Lafayette: Alice Gardea  Longmont: Lauren Abromski, Crystal Barrera, Jennifer Buffington, Linda Caddell, Miryam Calderon, Saira Castaneda, Jasmin Chico, Ackie Davis, Kayleen De Signori, Ann Dean, Roberta Derr, Antonia Derrera, Tonya Dodson, Debra Drexel, Karina Duran, Jonice Faram, Lance Fitzgerald, Rachel Frysig, Cassandra Gallegos, Zuzana Garcala, Barbara Garcia, Joanelle Gonzales, Sandy Goodman, Jessica Granados Garcia, Vanessa Gutierrez-Chavez, Kylie-Jeane Hofferber, Rowena Hutchinson, Stacie Johnson, Danyel Kaliszewski, Veronica Kelly, Rene Leonardi, Judy Meduna, Paige Meeks, Maricruz Mora-Mejia, Michelle Morgan, Bernadette Murphy, Ericka Newman, Vincent Nocera, Justine Oakley, Katherine Orlando, Sara Ortiz, Richard Paniagua, Diana Prado Carrillo, Almitra Price, Michelle Reid, Rocio Rivera, Erin Rogers, Brittany Ruiz, Rosa Saenz, Deanna Sais, Sherry Seerveld, Cristina Soto, Michelle Swazoe, Megan Urbina, Jamie VanHorne, Karen Wade and Tina Wisse  Loveland: Eugenia Almada Camacho, Joseie Bielenberg and Heather Hammond  Mead: Jennifer Anich and Bobbie Poulos  Northglenn: Jessica Goen  St. Francis: Katora Sherlock

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 by City:
Rebecca Lewis  Boulder: Miriam Borrego and Rebeca Vital  Dacono: Jeanette Lujan  Littleton: Jennifer Swenson Longmont: Crystal Alatalo, Tomas Alvidrez, Maritza Antillon, Megan Echols, Danielle Eckert, Erika Fraire, Erika Freeman, Marcos Garcia, Carla Haggerty, Dawna Herring, Lauren Hopp, Kristine Hoyt, Lindsey Kelly, Miranda Lucero, Kassandra McKay, Lizbeth Mosqueda Crespo, Nichole Murillo, Richard Paniagua, Brittany Peevler, Manessa Ross, Robin Selman, Brady Smith, Amy Thompson, Desiree Varn and Nicole Williams  Louisville: Anna Luallin  Loveland: Jason Green  Platteville: Lisa Chavez

Exceptional Attendance by City:
Jade DeMoe and Gabriella Gutierrez  Dacono: Sadee Franklin  Firestone: Britney Rader and Katrina Tirado Frederick: Stehlin Crawford  Longmont: Lauren Abromski, Crystal Alatalo, Maritza Antillon, Jerry Arana, Michelle Bechtholdt, Jennifer Buffington, Ackie Davis, Roberta Derr, Karina Duran, Barbara Garcia, Sarah Johnson, Lindsey Kelly, Rene Leonardi, Judy Meduna, Michelle Morgan, Sara Ortiz, Diana Prado Carrillo, Erin Rogers, Robin Selman, Karen Wade and Tina Wisse Platteville: Lisa Chavez

Rising STAR Students:
Robin Selman and Barbara Garcia

STAR Students:
Rocio Rivera, Ann Dean and Catherine McIntyre

Students of the Quarter:
Rene Leonardi, Crystal Alatalo and Karen Wade

Faculty of the Quarter:
Angela Vargas

Staff of the Quarter:
Laurie Lee

The Longmont campus of IBMC College now offers exciting new programs in Dental Assisting and Computer Support! To learn more about these programs and our existing business, legal, massage and healthcare program offerings, please call (303) 651-6819 or visit

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      Thank you for your comment. We are in the process of adding photos of the recent assemblies on our Facebook page. Those will be completed on Monday. Please be sure to take a peek, and do not hesitate to email if you have any other questions or concerns.


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