IBMC College in Fort Collins Recognizes Students for Scholastic Excellence

IBMC College recently recognized students from its Fort Collins campus at the Student Appreciation Assembly. This sports-themed event honored students from the business, computer technology, cosmetology, dental, healthcare, massage and paralegal programs. Students were encouraged to dress up in their favorite jerseys and cheer on their classmates as they were honored for their academic achievements.

President’s List 4.0 GPA by City:
Megan Ahroon  Cheyenne: Angela Harmon and Kacee Mercado  Eaton: Emma Thies-Helling  Estes Park: Anthony Lasson and Brandi Lasson  Fort Collins: Beth Adams, Rosalio Anderson-Murillo, Megan Ball, Emily Beiler, Regina Bell, Karen Bennett, Amy Bushnell, Lythia Chee, Jennifer Clarke, Matthew Cook, Tina Davis, Amber Dembowski, Anai Ferrachi, Courtney Flannery, Nicole Flannery, Norma Flores, Heather Forrest, Irazema Frasquerro, Kaila Gettig, Joy Giegel, Elisabeth Gillette Weaver, Rebeccalyn Gonzales, Tanya Hawkins, Erin Hinds, Aarika Holub, Megan Jett, Rebecca Johnson, Anne Kobus, Stephanie Landwehr, Amber Layne, Kimberlee Lofink, Elise Maier, Susette Miller, Douglas Mouton, Kevin Niemann, Amy Ochsner, Juliana Olinger, Sarah Owens, Barbara Petty, Antoinette Pulido-Baeza, Katie Race, Kamber Ramos, Nancy Reynolds, Rozalynn Scher, Heather Schulle, Kayla Schulte, Melissa Schwam, Cassandra Scott, Brittany Shaw-Falcon, Christopher Sifuentes, Ashley Slivka, Brian Stilson, Barbara Thomson, Heather Thuesen and Cathy Tucci  Greeley: Courtney Johnson, Kimberly Perez and Angel Tjaden  Loveland: Jivonna Baldridge, Ashley Bryson, Chrystal Crawley, Heather Deringer, David Detter, Candace Edwards, Talina Espinoza, Marina Hough, Kimberly Hovland, Courtney Hyatt, Shailene Jackson, Jordan Johann, Christina Kasuda, Kathleen Marx, Lisa Maya, Karen Null, Jessica Oliver, Sabrina Pepin, Kimberly Probst, Sonia Revelo, Chelsea Ruth, Jeremiah Sauter, Jacklyn Sexter, Morgan Sowl and James Thayer  Thornton: Diane Jensen  Wellington: Samoa Brown, Whitney Brown, Anna Cozza and Julie Prall  Windsor: Melissa Anderson, Vanessa Castaneda, Kallyn Hunter and Lindsey Kohles

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 GPA by City: 
Fort Collins: Ella Batchen, Ashley Bodnar, Kathryn Bratz, Jennifer Brown, Mikal Chavarria, Mary Dearing, Erin Freeburg, Loriann Guzman, Julie Hilt, Kelsi LaBahn, Enrique Murillo, Linda Novoa, Adelcia Rodrigues, Stacie Rodriguez, Brenda Smith, Austin Snodgrass, Jaclyn Thompson and Mary Winslow  Johnstown: Lasea Wilkins-Branson  Loveland: Amber Ballard, Jessica Bean, Colter Ekstrom, Alecia Engel, Deziree Garcia, Karlee Heavener, Keeley Hendrix, Linda Huege, Jaricca Johann, Meagan Johnson, Saybel Kvande and Kasie Moritz  Milliken: Kacie Covert  Wellington: Carlie Smilie  Windsor: Chelsea Jamison

Exceptional Attendance by City:
Estes Park:
Brandi Lasson  Fort Collins: Regina Bell, Karen Bennett, Robert Burson, Amy Bushnell, Matthew Cook, Tina Davis, Amber Dembowski, Anai Ferrachi, Courtney Flannery, Norma Flores, Lalena Forte, Elisabeth Gillette Weaver,  Rebeccalyn Gonzales, Tanya Hawkins, Erin Hinds, Aarika Holub, Anne Kobus, Elise Maier, Douglas Mouton, Kevin Niemann, Barbara Petty, Kamber Ramos, Nancy Reynolds, Stacie Rodriguez, Lizeth Salas, Rozalynn Scher, Heather Schulle, Megan Smith, Barbara Thomson, Cathy Tucci and April Wodecker  Greeley: Angel Tjaden  Loveland: Jivonna Baldridge, Jessica Bean, Ashley Bryson, Kayla Dawson, Candace Edwards, Karlee Heavener, Marina Hough, Kimberly Hovland, Linda Huege, Shailene Jackson, Christina Kasuda, Antaria Sandoval, Jacklyn Sexter and James Thayer  Wellington: Samoa Brown and Whitney Brown  Windsor: Melissa Anderson and Lindsey Kohles

Rising Star Students:
Regina Bell, Elise Maier and Antaria Sandoval

Star Students:
Anai Ferrachi, Rozalynn Scher and Brittany Shaw-Falcon

Students of the Quarter:
Billie Brown, Candace Edwards and Angela Harmon

Faculty of the Quarter:
Stephanie Brunson

Staff of the Quarter:
Eric Thompson

For more information about the accelerated career training programs at IBMC College in Fort Collins, please visit or call (970) 223-2669 today!

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