4 College Scholarship Options for Veterans

Any veteran who has considered studying at a college in Greeley will find that there are numerous scholarship options to choose from. What’s more, many colleges offer their own forms of financial aid to those who have served in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

Montgomery GI Bill

Military members who have paid into the Montgomery GI bill program are eligible to apply for funds from this program. The exact amount of funds one receives depends on time served and the nature of one’s contribution to the military; however, eligible service members can receive up to three years of educational benefits. The funds can be used for tuition, housing, books and other costs. Reservists and National Guard members are also eligible to apply for funds from this scholarship, although the amount they will receive is far less than what a veteran with an honorary or medical discharge would receive.

AMVET National Scholarship Program

This program is open to any veteran with an honorable discharge who has used up funding provided by the GI bill. Recipients of this scholarship can receive up to $1,000 in funding; what’s more, applicants can renew requests for funding for up to three years.

Troops to Teachers Program

As the name implies, the Troops to Teachers Program offers financial aid to any veteran who is interested in a career in education. Eligibility is determined not only by financial need but also one’s academic progress. Applicants who receive funds must agree to work for a pre-determined period of time in a high-need school or community.

Scholarships from Colleges

Each college has its own rules regarding financial aid for veterans and/or active military members. Assistance may include the waiving of the registration fee, funds for qualifying vets and/or active service members and aid for disabled vets who have been injured in combat.

It can be challenging for veterans to make the switch from serving in the military to leading a civilian life. However, taking college courses can be a good way to learn new skills that can lead to a steady job. Thankfully, there are many forms of financial aid available to those who are leaving the military and/or want to study as they work in the military.

Tip: Veterans should ask their colleges about receiving credit for military experience. While this is not a direct funding program, if one receives college credit, then that is money saved towards the cost of education.