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5 Reasons to Get You Motivated to Start College This Fall

If you’ve been considering going back to school to train for a new career, it might feel like it’s never the right time: when you’re busy with family commitments and work responsibilities, finding the time to fit in school can seem like an impossible challenge. It’s easier to keep putting it off until you have less on your plate – but that time never seems to arrive.

We say “Baloney!” It’s time for you to start thinking, “Fall back into class. Spring forward in my career,” and you’ll soon be on your way to a better future before you know it!

Here are our five reasons we think autumn is the perfect time for you to work on earning your college diploma or degree, perhaps even with a hands-on learning environment IBMC College can provide …

1. It’s That Time of Year

Whether it’s been 1 year or 20 since your last first day of school, there’s something about the fall that makes people want to change their routine. Many adults, like you, will go back to school this coming season to earn their college degree or diploma and seek career advancement. Maybe it’s time to join them!

With the days getting shorter, there’s less time to be distracted by outside activities and more time found indoors. Instead of binge watching Netflix, the DVR and football all weekend, take a break from the TV and use the time to expand your horizons by enrolling in classes, and hopefully advance your career. It’s almost like Mother Nature is telling you to go back to school.

2. A chance to up your competitive edge

Sitting around all summer and twiddling your thumbs isn’t much of a motivation to push yourself very far. But plunk yourself down in a classroom where everyone wants the same thing and has the same dream (like the atmosphere at IBMC College), and you’ll be busting your butt to be the best, up your qualifications, and gain experience that will help you perform to the best of your abilities.

3. You Will Set a Positive Challenge for Yourself

Sometimes, it’s good to introduce new, positive challenges into our lives to keep us on our toes and put our determination and perseverance to the test. If you did put off school for a few years, it can be hard to get back into the groove of learning, but don’t get down on yourself.

Going back to school is the perfect opportunity for personal growth, and you’re handed the opportunity to interact and learn from people from different backgrounds. College is the perfect time to pick at someone else’s brain, consider their ideas and discover what their completely different world has to offer – giving you the opportunity to grow as an individual and create a positive change in your life.

4. New social scene

You know the (corny) song, “Make New Friends (But Keep the Old)”? It could have definitely been written about college. You’ve got a ton of other adults just like you on campus to become friends with, and there’s always an opportunity to expand your social scene and group of friends. With new classes, routines, schedules and activities, you’re bound to make a new squad to pass the time away with.

5. It’s Not Too Late

Maybe you were thinking about going back to school this fall, but found yourself getting increasingly busy over the course of the summer. Now that summer’s coming to a close, you might think that it’s too late to apply, and that you’ll need to wait for the next admissions cycle. However, while more traditional schools have limited application periods, IBMC College offers new class starts every five weeks, meaning you still have time to apply!

Take some time to think about these five reasons why you should go back to school this fall to give your future a boost. Then, browse IBMC College’s career-training programs to find the best fit for your career goals. If you aren’t sure which path to take, you can take our fast online quiz, or chat with a dedicated Admissions Representative, who will be happy to provide a helping hand.