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Adjunct Personal Fitness Training Instructor Hired at IBMC College

IBMC College hires Melissa Caiyem as an Instructor in the Personal Fitness Training program at the Colorado Springs campus, located at 6805 Corporate Drive.Melissa-Caiyem

Melissa Caiyem comes to IBMC College from C.O.R.E Center of Restorative Exercise in Northridge, California. There Melissa was a Health and Fitness Professional, a Manager, and a Wellness Coach. Melissa was previously the Owner and Founder of the Centre for the Arts, where she was the Fitness and Performing Arts Director for nine years.

Caiyem has two associates’ degrees, the first is an Associates of Applied Science degree in Health and Physical Education from Arizona State University. The second is an Associates of Arts degree in Communication from the University of San Francisco. Melissa also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Movement Science from the California Institute of the Arts.

With over 25 years of health and fitness industry experience, Melissa’s knowledge will be invaluable to the students in the Personal Fitness Training program at IBMC College in Colorado Springs.

Students enrolled in the Personal Training certification program will learn the skills needed to: observe participants and guide skill improvement, plan routines and choose different movements for each set of muscles, teach proper breathing techniques to use during physical exertion, and provide information and resources regarding nutrition, weight control and lifestyle issues.

IBMC College’s Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs provide you with the skills you need to flourish in a business, cosmetology, dental, healthcare, personal fitness training, paralegal or massage career. At IBMC College, our student body is diverse and we welcome those with a strong desire to make a life change.