An Unexpected Thank You to IBMC College

At IBMC College, our staff and faculty live by the mantra “Caring individuals, changing lives.” We work with this motto every day, and we know in our hearts that we make a difference in our student’s lives. Our CEO Steve Steele received an email from one of our recent IBMC College graduates and we had to share it with you. We were overwhelmed with joy and emotion, and we are so proud to have been a part of this student’s transformation.

“I am not sure I was considered a professional before IBMC College. I was the ‘Class Clown’ and the person everyone wanted to have at the party, but that no one respected or would want to hire. EVERTHING about me was sort of a joke (I misspelled that on purpose, this is who I was, nothing quite complete). I have changed, and my family and friends notice it. I am a professional, with a real job. I talk differently, I dress differently, and I no longer need attention from being that goofy girl at the party! Listen, I can still make you laugh, but I am different. I triple check my work, no typos anymore! I want to be known as the detail queen. Thank you for what your team at IBMC did for me. I imagine very few people take the time to tell you it worked… I am still working on things, but I am better, stronger, and more confident. I could not say that two years ago. I wish you and the school the best, and I may see you in a few years as an Instructor. Thanks again.” –IBMC Grad