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Becoming a Certified Dental Assistant

IBMC is an accredited educational institution that offers dental assisting college diplomas and dental office administration degrees for students in Fort Collins and Longmont. Our diploma and degree program includes courses that enable one to not only manage dental office work but also assist a dentist as he or she performs various procedures. Those who graduate from our program can may be employed in a dental office, school, dental supply manufacturer, laboratory or insurance company, to name just a few of the many job possibilities.

Working as a dental assistant can be both a fulfilling and lucrative career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that job growth in this field is much faster than average, which means that graduates from our dental program should have a good chance to find a job upon graduation. The median salary for dental assistants in Colorado currently stands at just a bit over $37, 500 per year, which comes to $18.11 per hour.*What’s more, dental assistants who work full time are able to take advantage of job benefits that come with fulltime employment. Note: *Statistics are nationally assigned, not regionally.

Alternatively, graduates from our dental assistant program have the opportunity to continue their studies and go on to become dentists in their own right. The experience student’s gain as dental assistants is invaluable in landing a good job after completing further education.

Those who are looking for a career that is not only profitable but also enables them to help others in a meaningful way may want to consider studying for a dental assistant diploma or dental office administration degree.

Dental assistant’s help dentists make appointments, keep track of patient records, take X-rays and provide assistance with various dental procedures. A student with a dental assistant diploma or dental office administration degree from IBMC College receives career placement assistance, as has the opportunity to pursue their education in the future.