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Boosting Healthcare Fundraising Efforts by Creating Marketing Personas

If you have earned a degree in healthcare from a healthcare college in Cheyenne, then you undoubtedly know there are many ways to use your degree.  One of the career paths that you can choose is that of a healthcare fundraising specialist.  Working under this title would involve creating marketing plans for fundraisers and actually organizing the fundraisers, too.  At IBMC, we offer several types of healthcare degrees.  If you are working in the healthcare marketing industry, the most important thing you can do is create marketing personas for each fundraiser that you host.

A Persona’s Values and Beliefs are Extremely Important

Your personas should have a core set of values and beliefs.  By identifying these values and beliefs, you can better direct your marketing strategies, including newspaper ads, radio promotions, charity functions, customer service, and more.  You will find a way to appeal to your core audience based on their preferences.

Does your persona have certain religious beliefs?

As a direct part of a person’s beliefs comes his or her religious background.  You may need to identify your persona’s religious preferences in order to accurately target him or her within your marketing tactics.  Does your persona have a background bound by religious teachings and restrictions?  When you have answers to these questions, you can then develop a persona that is true to its ideas and values.

Does your persona care about certain causes?

Does your target audience include young college graduates who now have no idea what to do with their degrees, but yet they are in full support of animal rights?  Or does your audience consist of pro-life marketing managers trying to find a way to improve marketing efforts through data analysis?  It doesn’t matter which causes your personas support.  You must identify with them and then take part in these causes.  You’ll find that as your company supports causes, you’ll come into direct communication with professionals who can help expand your business.

By creating marketing personas, you can target the people you want to attend your fundraisers.  And by becoming involved in the local healthcare community, you’ll be expanding the brand awareness of your employer.