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You can train for a medical career—even with your busy schedule

Changing careers is never easy—but it is possible. With career opportunities expanding in the healthcare industry, more qualified Medical Assistants and Dental Assistants are needed now.

While online courses might be tempting for those with busy schedules, they simply cannot give you the hands-on training needed to excel in the medical field. Community college is another option, but it’s often difficult because of limited class schedules and offerings. Career training provides a realistic route for those seeking change.

If you’re working full time, taking care of children, or dealing with whatever life has thrown your way, you know that flexible scheduling is important. That’s why IBMC College offers classes to fit anyone’s schedule—because not everyone has time for a traditional college program.

While each of the three schedules offered by IBMC College can provide you with the same great training needed to succeed in the healthcare industry, they each have their own benefits that you’ll need to take into consideration.

Those who attend in the morning will enjoy time to relax and do homework in the afternoon, and might have an easier time transitioning into a regular 9-5 schedule after graduation. It feels great to get everything done early in the day!

Mid-day students can get out of school the same time their kids might, which allows for important family time. And, students can come in early for extra help from their instructors and peers if they ever need it.

Evening students can work by day and train by night. It just makes sense to continue earning while you’re learning! And, if you study right before class, the material will be fresher in your mind.

With campuses in Longmont, Greeley and Fort Collins, not only is IBMC flexible, it’s also close to home. Now is the best time to start preparing for your future. View our programs page to see what you can achieve, or call 1-800-495-2669 to schedule a tour of your nearest campus now!

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