Career Services in Greeley Hires Ensminger, Preparing Students for a New Career

Gerry Ensminger joins the IBMC College’s Career Services in Greeley, preparing students to enter the workforce through job placement assistance, resume writing skills and career coaching.

Gerry Ensminger, new Student Success Coordinator, will bring a variety of career experiences and administrative support to the current students of IBMC College in Greeley, CO, 2863 35th Avenue, as the most recent addition to the Career Services Office.

Ensminger will assist students with resume writing, as well as job seeking while enrolled in one of IBMC’s accelerated career training programs.

Ensminger brings extensive experience in project coordination, office management and client relationship development to Career Services in Greeley.

Her skills include business writing, business tool development, cross-functional communication and customer support. Her expertise in communications and business writing will be an asset to the students she will serve in her position as Student Success Coordinator of IBMC College.

IBMC gives technical training and practical skills to its students, preparing them for success in today’s competitive job market. The programs at IBMC, geared for serving as a foundation for each field offered, allow students of all demographics to combine excellent critical thinking, researching, and writing skills in the classroom and during a mandatory externship.

Ensminger attended Colorado State University, Aims Community College and Front Range Community College.

For more information about accredited programs and other accelerated career training courses at the Greeley IBMC campus, call (970) 356-4733 or fill out the form on this page.