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Cheyenne College Students Awarded President’s List and Dean’s List Honors

The Institute of Business & Medical Careers honors students in the medical, business, legal and massage career training programs who have achieved academic excellence over past 10-week class session.

Cheyenne, WY (February 11, 2013): At IBMC’s latest Student Awards Assembly, students were recognized for their outstanding academic achievements.

Students earning a grade point average of 4.0 during the course of their 10-week class session were recognized among their peers at the assembly. Those students that received a grade point average of 3.50 to 3.99 during the previous session were honored with the Dean’s List Award.

Cheyenne college students receive awards at IBMC
President’s List Award recipients from IBMC college in Cheyenne.

President’s List and Dean’s List Award recipients are enrolled in IBMC’s career training programs in medical, business, legal and massage. At IBMC Cheyenne, a student can train to become a medical assistant, medical billing and coding specialist, pharmacy technician, massage therapist or paralegal. Students may also pursue a degree in Business Administration and Accounting.

Classes are forming now! If you’d like train for a new career at IBMC Cheyenne college, located at 1854 Dell Range Blvd., please call (307) 433-8363 or visit

President’s List 4.0 GPA Recipients by City:

Alliance, NE: Amanda Linn; Burns, WY: Chance Cohick-Stoner; Cheyenne, WY: Ashley Anderson, Shanell Arias, Lauren Blattner, Gerald Boyd, Jessica Britton, Shayla Bronson, Cherry Burrous, Jessica Chivers, Annette Comstock, Amber Davidson, Ashley Dike, Brandin Fanning, Jamie Foster, Kelly Fryman, Matthew Harbick, Cassidy Heatherington, Conner Hoflund, Holly Johnson, Jessica Johnson, Margaret Juniker, Carrie Marriner, Antoinette Marshall, Rebekah Matthews, Susan McNair, Kelsey  Miller, Lynne Moore, Stephanie Morris, Shevelle Ott, Angela Plunkett, Ramon Rodriguez, Amanda Rosentreter, Tamra Sayers, Mary Scherden, Madison Scott, Autumn Taninies, Jacqueline Tretter, Vanessa Van Arnam, Misty Vance, Jordan Walter, Nicole Whitley, Joyell Whitman and Gilbert Yanez; Pine Bluffs, WY: Kelly Lanning, Joy Syvanen

Dean’s List 3.50-3.99 GPA Recipients by City:

Carpenter, WY: Koni Cisneros; Cheyenne, WY: Adrianna Allen, Kirsten Anderson, Rebecca Andrade, O’Randy Finch, Lynn Harward, Amanda Jenkins, Patricia Johnson, Lacy Jordan, Vince Kelly, Jessica Lawson, Francine Lilly, Courtney Linde, Belinda Lopez, Brianna McFadden, Julia Miller, Jolene Patch, Ashley Peterson, Leandra Reher, Jessica Rodriguez, Britney Sullivan and Brenda Way; Laramie, WY: Norah Connelly