Creating Marketing Personas: An Important Part of Your Job as Marketing Director

If you’ve decided to pursue a degree in business from a college in Greeley, you’ll learn about the creation of marketing personas.  Here at IBMC, we understand the importance of marketing personas, and we’d like you to understand their importance, as well.  There are many career paths that you can pursue with a business degree, with one of the more popular being a marketing director.  If you follow this career path, you’ll appreciate marketing personas and their value to organizational success.

Understanding the Importance of Creating B2C Marketing Personas

When B2C marketing personas are created, an alignment across your entire organization will be formed.  From your production department to HR management teams, everyone will be on the same page, having a full understanding of the customers who are funding their paychecks.  It is through this alignment that all operational functions will be customer-centric.  Ideally, laser-focused production, marketing and sales activities will be synchronized.

The B2C marketing personas that you create will enable you to define the right customers.  You’ll not only know what they look like, but what they think like, too.  When you have an in-depth knowledge of the customers who will benefit from your products/services, you can then alter your marketing strategies to resonate with these prospects.  Your inbound marketing endeavors, radio ads, blog posts and other marketing tactics will be in better tune with your customers.  Just like a radio station can get fuzzy, so can your advertising methods when they aren’t delivered to the right audience.  But with a B2C marketing persona, your ads will be delivered to those who are searching for what you are selling.  These potential customers will feel as if you are speaking directly to them through your marketing approaches.

Not only does a buyer persona prove helpful in the marketing department, but it also allows your production activities to be focused on the exact needs and preferences of your targeted audiences.  Production teams will be constantly challenged to serve these personas on a first-class basis, making production alterations when needed.  The end result is the creation of products that consistently delight your customers.