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How to Decide When to Drop a Class

Sometimes a student may want to drop a class while studying at a college in Greeley. Dropping a class can have some benefits, however, depending upon when it is dropped, it can have its disadvantages, too. Dropping a class late in the semester means lost time in class that is not completed, loss of tuition, a poor grade (if after withdrawal period) and possibly penalties for dropping after the class was paid for by a student loan, scholarship or grant.

Here are some things we suggest all students consider before dropping a class:

For those considering dropping a class, we here at IBMC College suggest each student take the time to speak with an instructor or counselor before doing so. There may be other alternatives to dropping the class.

School policy

Before dropping a class, we suggest that students look into the policy at the college regarding dropping a class. Each school has a set date when students are allowed to withdraw from classes and what penalties are associated with each drop date. The different dates determine if the student will receive a full or partial refund and if the student will receive a “withdrawal’ notation on transcripts or if an ‘F’ will be given.

Academic goals

Withdrawing from a class can delay a student’s graduation date. Before dropping the class, we suggest speaking with the Education Department to determine if this would postpone the student’s graduation date.

Other reasons

Other reasons to consider dropping a class include:

  • Poor grades: Some students drop the class if it is known early on that a poor grade will be received. We suggest not doing this and speak to the instructor.
  • Demands: Sometimes a class is more demanding than a student expected. This is another situation where we would suggest speaking with the instructor to determine how to make the class seem less demanding.
  • Medical: If a medical emergency happens, it might cause the student to need to drop the class. Speak with the instructor to see if there is a way around dropping it and other alternatives to completing it while handling the situation.

There are many reasons why a student might consider dropping a class, however, there are just as many reasons why they should not. There are different options and with a little guidance and help from professors, counselors and advisors the student might find it possible to successfully complete the class.