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Dental Careers in Less Than Two Years

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for dental assistants is expected to increase by 25 percent* over the next decade. This is much faster job growth than average. As the population in the United States ages, people are expected to keep more of their teeth than they did in past decades. This is good news, but it also means that the demand for good dental care will increase.

*This statistic is nationally assigned by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What do Dental Assistants Do?

The majority of dental assistants work right beside professional dentists and dental hygienists to help them with many tasks in their offices. Since dental assistants handle routine tasks, dentists and hygienists have more time to address complex procedures. Becoming a dentist may take a decade, but a dental assistant could get prepared for a career in about a year and a half, when following the prescribed coursework, at the right healthcare college in Fort Collins.

Good dental assistants usually have good interpersonal skills to work with patients from children to senior citizens. It is also important to develop sound organizational skills to properly assist other dental professionals.

Dental Assistant Education

The requirements to become a dental assistant vary by state, but most states require an accredited training program and state licensing. At IBMC College, we offer a program that can provide that training. The program includes classroom education and supervised clinical experience, so you will be ready to begin your new career with complete confidence after you leave.

You can complete our program in 15 to 19 months in most cases, and you can leave with the skills and knowledge sought by dental offices all over the country. While many graduates of our program work in practices with dentists, some graduates may also go on to work in dental supply companies, insurance companies, and other related settings.

Contact Us to Begin Your Dental Career

We are eager to give you a tour of the IBMC College campus, so please contact us at your earliest convenience. We can show you how it is possible for you to train for an exciting dental career in a short time. Assistance with finding financial aid is also available to those that qualify, and we also offer programs in dental office administration and other healthcare fields.

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