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The Fastest Growing Technology Jobs

If you already know you want to study at a technology college in Greeley or Fort Collins, you are way ahead of the game, compared to many prospective students. Figuring out the fundamental path of your education and future career is essential to starting off on the right foot.

At IBMC College, we love to welcome students who have a good idea of their career path, and the technology field offers many intriguing job possibilities. This field shows no signs of slowing down. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that technology jobs, especially those in computer support, will experience a 17 percent growth rate, which is faster than the average growth rate for all fields, through the year 2022. Note: This figure is representative nationally, not regionally.

So, as long as you have an affinity for technology and computer support studies, your future job prospects look great. While you can study computer support at our college, you might use it as your foundation for enhancing and furthering your education after you graduate. We encourage our students to explore their career prospects as fully as possible, which can lead to expanding your studies with us.

Take a look at some of the possible technology jobs you will find once you graduate from our programs, as well as jobs that you might find if you continue your education at a higher level.

  • Computer Support Specialist. In this position, you will help your colleagues at your organization with everyday computing tasks. You will work with hardware, such as your computer’s hard drives and backup systems, as well as software programs for antivirus protection, as well as Microsoft Office and the Windows Operating System.
  • Information Security Analysts. This career path might grow out of a customer support specialist placement as you grow within your company, but you also might need to pursue a bachelor’s degree, depending on your company’s requirements. You can specialize in finding and implementing the best antivirus software programs to keep your company’s computer system safe from hackers and online interlopers.
  • Database Administrators. With this career, you might maneuver into this job organically from a customer support specialist post, but it often requires a bachelor’s degree. As a database administrator (DBA), you will find the best software programs to safely and efficiently store and organize data so it is easily retrievable by all personnel as needed.