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Student Awards Ceremony Held for Fort Collins, Colorado Campus of IBMC College

The staff and faculty members of IBMC College in Fort Collins, CO, 3842 South Mason Street, held an awards ceremony for the students on January 9. Students were honored for outstanding academic achievement, as well as exceptional attendance during the “80’s-themed” celebration. In addition, select staff and faculty members received acknowledgement for their contributions to student success.

This ceremony is held quarterly to honor current students enrolled in business, dental, healthcare, IT/computer support, legal and massage courses, who have excelled in the previous ten weeks.Fort COllins career training college IBMC College

President’s List 4.0 GPA by City:
Fort Collins:
Tonya Bontrager, Megan Brissey, Andrea Collier, Matthew Cook, Mackensie Couch, Anai Ferrachi, Irazema Frasquerro, Sandie Garcia, Allan Gardner, Erin Hinds, Dakota Hintergardt-Anstett, Jeff Hollcroft, Greg James, Rebecca Johnson, Valerie Kenny, Amy Kopriva, Amber Layne, Douglas Mouton, Enrique Murillo, Janet Nogal, Katherine Pelepchan, Barbara Petty, Michael Ryan, Karla Sanchez Mendoza, Sarah Schell, Brittany Shaw-Falcon, Christopher Sifuentes, Hailey Slee, Meghan Stephenson, Brian Stilson, Juana Torres Ibarra,  Maria Warburton and Heidi Wierbilis  Greeley: Kyrstin Ledford  and Kimberly Perez  Loveland: Taryn Davis, Landon Ekstrom, Allyson Fickess, Barbie Frazer, Jordan Hucke, Courtney Hyatt, Jaricca Johann, Donalea Loewen, Lisa Maya, Tamara Owens, Karley Robinson, Marissa Sadusky, Amanda Shively and Kristy Smith  Wellington: Samoa Brown, Bianca Camacho and Ronda Donahue  Windsor: Gina Asadi, Jackie Bernhardt, Jeffry Bott, Vanessa Castaneda, Kallyn Hunter  and Laura Pesses

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 by City:
Jessica Gregg  Centennial: Megan Ahroon  Fort Collins: Lizette Anaya, Ella Batchen, Ashley Bodnar, April Boyer, Rebeccalyn Gonzales, Ashley Raymond and Elizabeth Snyder  Greeley: Katie Rees  Johnstown: Christy Hyatt  Loveland: Shandra Monday, Sabrina Perkins and Mellisa Storer

Exceptional Attendance by City:
Fort Collins:
Megan Brissey, Cari Culler, Erin Hinds, Jeff Hollcroft, Greg James, Rebecca Johnson, Amy Kopriva, Enrique Murillo, Janet Nogal, Ashley Raymond, Christopher Sifuentes and Brian Stilson  Greeley: Kyrstin Ledford and Kimberly Perez  Loveland: Taryn Davis, Landon Ekstrom, Jaricca Johann and Donalea Loewen  Wellington: Samoa Brown, Bianca Camacho and Ronda Donahue  Windsor: Jackie Bernhardt and Laura Pesses

Rising STAR Students:
Anai Ferrachi, Erin Hinds and Jaricca Johann 

STAR Students:
Dakota Hintergardt-Anstett, Laura Pesses and Heather Thuesen

Students of the Quarter:
Samantha Bridges, Amy Bushnell and Kristy Smith

Faculty of the Quarter:
Kami Stutzman 

Staff of the Quarter:
Kathy Mondragon

IBMC College offers certificate, diploma and Associate Degree programs in business, computers, cosmetology, dental, healthcare, legal and massage career fields at the Longmont, CO; Fort Collins, CO; Greeley, CO and Cheyenne, WY college locations. Please call (800) 495-2669 or visit our website to find out more! Programs do vary by campus.