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Get Certified & Take a Tech Support Career to the Next Level

Not long ago, technology was something that was learned through hours of trial and error. While this method can still produce experts, and even some stunning advancements, it isn’t very good at convincing an employer to choose the self-taught person over the one with a verifiable degree. Therefore, people who are looking for tech-related jobs should invest some time at a technology college; and if one lives in Wyoming, there are some good ones in Cheyenne.

One of the fastest certifications a person can earn is for tech support, and Microsoft even allows its name to be put on some of these credentials. It’s important to note that there are many different levels of tech support, and the best jobs aren’t the ones that involve sitting in a room with 100 other people. Instead, they’re as tech help for companies who have in-house support teams; higher-level support for companies that deal with the public; and as supervisors. These are the jobs that usually can’t be obtained simply by coming in off the street with no prior experience or education.

Programs for tech support degrees are, as should be expected, heavy on specifics about operating systems, PC repair, and other subjects related to fixing computers. However, one might be surprised to learn that there’s also a component dealing with business, an accounting course, college mathematics, several courses in English communication, and one about the psychology of success! All of these courses are needed to catapult a student into the higher echelons of this industry.

Once a student passes all of the classes in the program, it’ll be time to get certified. A graduate should be able to pass the tests for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification, the Network + Certification, and the A+ Certification. This will allow the graduate to compete for many jobs that would be otherwise unavailable. This training can provide far more than a job in tech support. It’ll also make it easier to handle other technology-related projects later on. Whether those projects involve more schooling or will be handled on the job, having a foundation in OS operations and other relevant subjects will surely speed progress.