Getting to Know IBMC’s Healthcare Diploma Options

IBMC’s Cheyenne branch offers a variety of healthcare college diploma courses, making it possible for you to obtain certification in the field of your choice, upon successful completion of coursework and exams. Upon graduation you will have the opportunity to find a good job in your chosen field. The following is an overview of the diploma and degree options available for your consideration.

Dental Assisting Diploma

A dental assistant is tasked with not only handling office work but also helping a dentist perform a variety of dental procedures. Students who opt for this diploma course will learn radiography, dental sciences, basic CPR, communication skills and other important subjects that will enable them to work with patients from all walks of life. The course includes opportunities for hands-on experience.

Dental Office Administration Degree

Those who opt to study this field will take many of the courses included in the dental assisting program. However, some courses that are unique to this field of study include fundamental computer skills, dental office management, college mathematics and general psychology.

Medical Assisting Diploma or Degree

Medical assisting is a job field that is rapidly expanding, offering numerous career opportunities to those who have a degree and the right skills. Those who opt to study this field with us will take courses in anatomy, physiology, reproduction, laboratory techniques, ethics and other important subjects that will enable them to perform a variety of procedures.

Medical Billing and Coding Diploma or Degree

This particular course is ideal for those who are looking for a healthcare-related office job. Courses we offer in this field include communications, keyboarding, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, math and psychology.

Pharmacy Technician Degree

Pharmacy technicians provide patients with the prescription and/or over the counter medications that they need. Our coursework for this particular degree includes not only basic subjects such as math, psychology, communications and pharmacology but also an externship program that will allow you to put your skills into action.

Healthcare offers many fulfilling job opportunities for those who want to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. At IBMC, we take pride in offering top quality diploma and degree courses that include not only current study material but also practical training. Our courses are fully accredited and taught by experienced professors, thus ensuring that you will get the training you need to excel in the field of your choice.