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IBMC College Holds Student Awards Assembly at Greeley, Colorado Campus

It was an “80’s-themed” celebration at IBMC College in Greeley, CO, 2863 35th Avenue, on January 9. The students of IBMC were honored for dedication to their studies, as well as exceptional attendance during the quarterly Student Awards Assembly. Students were presented with certificates to mark their achievements, and select faculty and staff members were honored as well.IBMC College in Greeley

IBMC College held this event to honor current students enrolled in business, cosmetology, healthcare, IT/computer support, legal and massage courses, who excelled in the previous ten weeks.

President’s List 4.0 GPA by City:
Tanya Mosley  Eaton: Pam Johnson  Evans: Amanda Anderson, Samantha Clark, Stacey Kuntz, Brandi Legler, Nayeli Rivera and Andrea Trevino  Fort Collins: Caitlyn Steele  Greeley: Alessi Antillon, Vanessa Arostegui-Garcia, Ariel Bauer, Judy Brown, Alexander Calvillo, Mariposa Champion, Cassondra Chavez, Kathryn Day, Michelle Lara, Harmony Ortiz, Dionicia Perez, Erika Romero, Ashina Trujillo and Yaneli Villegas  Johnstown: Natalie Meth and Natasha York  Kersey: Benita Moran  La Salle: Julie Bedan  Loveland: Brandy Winegarner  Milliken: Lindsey Woodall  Windsor: Khelsie Near

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 by City: 

Eaton: Lorraine Beede and Tressa Shumaker Evans: Marrisa Hinojos, Lori Ibarra, Diana Luna Galindo, Amanda Steen and Guadalupe Vallejo Mora  Fort Morgan: Maria Felipe  Gilcrest: Tiffany Weber  Greeley: Prissilla Almendarez, Erica Anderson, Ezperanza Camacho, Desiree Castillo, Kellie Cox, Crystal De La Cruz,  Carmen Diaz-Rivera, Anna Dominguez, Vanessa Flaa, Amberlyn Gaines, Samantha Groom, Anna Guzman, Hayley Hinkle, Renee Iovino, Kathrine Jimenez, Marcie Klein, Maria Martinez, Vanessa Medina, Isabella Novak, Isabel Palacios, Mykalah Romero, Michael Standen, Patricia Torrez, Jeniffer Valdez and Yan Zhuo  La Salle: Linda Poyner

Exceptional Attendance by City:
Tanya Mosley  Eaton: Pam Johnson  Evans: Marrisa Hinojos, Stacey Kuntz and Danyelle Livengood  Fort Collins: Caitlyn Steele  Greeley: Maria Banuelos, Judy Brown, Ezperanza Camacho, Amberlyn Gaines, Renee Iovino, Jessica Rios, Erika Romero, Michael Standen, Korina Varela, Zaira Vasquez and Yaneli Villegas  Johnstown: Natalie Meth and Natasha York  Windsor: Khelsie Near

Rising STAR Students:
Stephanie Bullock, Erica Ornelas Anguiano and Lindsy Shaffer

STAR Students:
Ariel Bauer, Ashleigh Burnett and Jessica Saint

Students of the Quarter:
Maria Martinez, Danielle Neidigh and Tina Souza

Artist of the Quarter:
Tami Sarbacker

Faculty of the Quarter:
Bob White

Staff of the Quarter:
Nacole Shawcross

IBMC College offers certificate, diploma and Associate Degree programs in business, computers, cosmetology, dental, healthcare,legal and massage career fields at the Longmont, CO; Fort Collins, CO; Greeley, CO and Cheyenne, WY college locations. Please call (800) 495-2669 or visit our website to find out more! Programs do vary by campus.