IBMC College in Cheyenne, WY Holds Student Awards Ceremony

The students of IBMC College in Cheyenne, WY, 1854 Dell Range Boulevard, were celebrated during an awards ceremony held on January 9. The “80’s-themed” assembly was held to honor those students who have excelled academically, as well as students with exceptional attendance.  For their contributions to student success, select faculty and staff members also received special honors.

This Student Awards Assembly was held to honor current students enrolled in business, cosmetology, healthcare, IT/computer support, legal and massage courses, who excelled in the previous ten weeks.

President’s List 4.0 GPA by City:
Samantha Albertson, Brenda Allen, Nicole Aragon, Brittany Belford, Cherry Burrous, Hannah Burton, Amber Davidson, Meghan Deisch, Bonnie Eisen, Hope Gregory, Rebecca Grimm, Angela Huckfeldt, Natasha Larson, Naomi Marlin, Kelsey Miller, Aundrea Moore, Tonya Murray, Melissa Olivas, Tamra Sayers, Brittney Sestak, Kirsten Urban, Vanessa Van Arnam, Joyell Whitman and Meghan Williams  Wheatland: Ashley Dike

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 by City:
Danielle Adams, Peggy Day, Abby Dunbar, Deborah Jeans, Rebekah Matthews, Lynette Mullis, Jolene Patch, Christopher Runnells, Briana Santiago Fortune, Patricia Smith, Jesse Trejo Brenda Way

Exceptional Attendance by City:
Cherry Burrous, Amber Davidson, Meghan Deisch, Bonnie Eisen, Hope Gregory, Angela Huckfeldt, Deborah Jeans, Natasha Larson, Naomi Marlin, Aundrea Moore, Tonya Murray, Melissa Olivas, Jolene Patch, Tamra Sayers, Patricia Smith, Kirsten Urban, Vanessa Van Arnam,  Brenda Way and Andrea Williams  Wheatland: Ashley Dike

Rising STAR Student:
Dahn Schuler

STAR Students:
Peggy Day, Noelle Lovato and Meghan Williams

Students of the Quarter:
Rebekah Bustos, Tina Johnston and Christopher Runnells

Artist of the Quarter:
Sabra Fowler-Styers

Faculty of the Quarter:
Phil Armstrong

Staff of the Quarter:
Daniel Aleman

IBMC College offers certificate, diploma and Associate Degree programs in business, computers, cosmetology, dental, healthcare,legal and massage career fields at the Longmont, CO; Fort Collins, CO; Greeley, CO and Cheyenne, WY college locations. Please call (800) 495-2669 or visit our website to find out more! Programs do vary by campus.