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IBMC College in Cheyenne, WY Honors Academic Achievement

Students received special recognition for their scholastic aptitude at IBMC College in Cheyenne, WY, where a Luau-themed Student Assembly was held on April 24th in their honor.

A variety of awards were presented to the Cheyenne College students for outstanding academic achievement in the classroom, perfect attendance and devotion to success in their individual career training programs.  Please see below for a complete listing:

These students received the President’s List honors for earning a 4.0 GPA at IBMC College in Cheyenne, WY.

President’s List 4.0 GPA by City:
Shealeene Ammons, Melyssa Ash, Tammy Bachelder, Brooke Blanchard, Brooke Blanchard, Melanie Brunson, Rebecca Day, Meghan Deisch, Amy Evans, Cecelia Ewaliko, Sabra Fowler-Styers, Caitlin Harward-Quintana, Ethon Hinds, Angela Huckfeldt, Melissa Lieber, Sierra Locy, Noelle Lovato, Naomi Marlin, Kari Martinez, Demetria McCabe, Aundrea Moore, Meghan Neckermann, Roberta Radoane, Dahn Sargent Schuler, Shaun Schweizerhof, Elizabeth Walker and Meghan Williams

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 by City:
Judith Adams, Keona Blanton, Tammy Bocock, Jacqueline Bowen, Cherry Burrous, Caylie Coffelt, Annette Comstock, Amber Davidson, Abby Dunbar, Maree Gregory, Rebecca Grimm, Phillip Harding, Maxine Hernandez, Adrianna Hinds, Shaya Irvine, Angela Ivey, Tina Johnston, Tori Kosinski, Toree McNeil, Scott Mullis, Alexa Reid, Christopher Runnells, Jennifer Schottle, Christina Sheppard, John Sheppard, Jesse Trejo, Brenda Way, John Webb and Maegan Whelchel  Hillsdale: Jessica White  Pine Bluffs: Kelly Lanning  Torrington: Christina Garcia

Exceptional Attendance by City:
Judith Adams, Adrianna Allen, Adrianna Allen, Rachel Allen-Reinacher, Brittany Belford, Jacqueline Bowen, Melanie Brunson, Cherry Burrous, Meghan Deisch, Amy Evans, Maree Gregory, Maree Gregory, Adrianna Hinds, O’Randy Holaday, Barbara Kinnison, Melissa Lieber, Noelle Lovato, Naomi Marlin, Antoinette Marshall, Kari Martinez, Demetria McCabe, Aundrea Moore, Jolene Patch, Roberta Radoane, Dahn Sargent Schuler, Tamra Sayers, Brenda Way, John Webb and Maegan Whelchel  Fort Collins: Dorothea Escritor

Rising STAR Student:
Savannah Cox, Amy Evans and Kari Martinez 

STAR Students:
Melanie Brunson, Maghan Neckermann and Dahn Sargent Schuler

Students of the Quarter:
Shelley Cain, Brittany Drew and Scott Mullis

Artist of the Quarter:
Elizabeth Walker

These individuals were presented with Faculty of the Quarter and Staff of the Quarter.  These awards are voted on by students and staff.

Faculty of the Quarter:
Adam Lanning

Staff of the Quarter:
Natalie Allred

To find out more information about training for a new in Cheyene, WY, please call (307) 433-8363, stop by the campus at 1854 Dell Range Boulevard