IBMC Cheyenne College Provides Awards to “Super” Students

Wyoming career training college celebrates the achievements of learners.

IBMC Cheyenne College held a Superhero Student Awards Assembly on September 18 at the 1854 Dell Range campus location. Honors were provided to students who earned a spot on the President’s List and Dean’s List, as well as those individuals who received awards in the categories for Exceptional Attendance, Rising Stars, Star Students, and Student of the Quarter.

President’s List:  Cheyenne, CO: Judith Adams, Rebecca Andrade, Nicole Aragon, Brittany Belford,

Tammy Bocock, Shannon Brown, Preston Coddington, Annette Comstock, Bonnie Eisen, Dorothea Escritor, Christina Gonzalez, Adrianna Hinds, Ethon Hinds, Angela Ivey, Clementina Jimenez, Jessica Johnson, Tina Johnston, Amanda Linn, Antoinette Marshall, Lynette Mullis, Tonya Murray, Jessica Nuesca, Jolene Patch, Roberta Radoane, Alexa Reid, Jennifer Schottle, Brittney Sestak, Adriana St. Rose Autumn Taninies, Codi Taylor, Kirsten Urban, and Nicole Whitley Scottsbluff, NE: Jessica Nuesca Wheatland, WY: Ashley Dike

Dean’s List:
Cheyenne, WY:
Danielle Adams, Viktoria Beach, Katie Burke, Amber Davidson, Sabre Fowler, Kelly Fryman, Joseph Goetter, Patricia Johnson, Vince Kelly, Kody Kepp, Rebekah Matthews, Kuupunahele McConkey, Kelsey Miller, Desiree Olivas, Mariah Palluck, Leandra Reher, Tamra Sayers, Madison Scott, Patricia Smith, Misty Vance, Katie Walsh, and Maegan Whelchel Douglas, WY: Chelsea Daly

Exceptional Attendance:
Cheyenne, WY: Judith Adams, Rebecca Andrade, Shannon Brown, Bonne Eisen, Monic Hazard, Anegela Ivey, Jessica Johnson, Amanda Miller, Lynette Mullis, Tonya Murray, Roberta Radoane, Alexa Reid, Tamra Sayers, Gary Shafer and Kirsten Urban

Star Student
Cheyenne, WY: Jolene Patch, Roberta Radoane and Nicole Whitley

Rising Star
Cheyenne, WY: Shannon Brown, Jessika Moutray and Melissa Olivas.

Student of the Quarter
Cheyenne, WY: Brandy Parry, Jennifer Prano and Joyell Whitman

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