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IBMC College Hires Adjunct Medical Assisting Instructor in Longmont

IBMC College has hired Jenna Dunn to instruct in the Medical Assisting Degree program at the Longmont campus, located at 2315 N. Main Street. Jenna-Dunn---Adjunct---LNG

Jenna Dunn has joined IBMC College from University Health Clinic in Longmont, CO., where she has been a Certified Medical Assistant since 2011. Previously, Dunn worked as a Medical Receptionist at Longmont United Hospital.

Jenna is a graduate of National College in Lynchburg, Virginia. She received an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting and graduated with a 3.7 GPA.

Dunn’s recent experience as a Medical Assistant, as well as her past experience working as a Hospital Receptionist, will be extremely valuable to the medical students at of IBMC College. Jenna’s skills and experience will make her a welcomed addition to the faculty of IBMC College in Longmont.

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