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IBMC College Hires Computer Support Instructor

IBMC College in Cheyenne has hired John Kershaw to Instruct for the Computer Support Specialist Degree program. John-Kershaw---Adjunct---CSS

John Kershaw will join IBMC College from his current position as a Healthcare Technical Consultant with Health Systems Informatics. Previously, Kershaw held two positions with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. He started with CRMC as a Business Intelligence Developer in 2013, and later became the IT Manager of Business Intelligence. Kershaw also has 15 years of experience with the United States Air Force.

John currently holds two degrees and is working on his third. He has an Associate of Science in Applied Science from Community College of the Air Force, a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland University College, and he is working on a Master of Computer Information Systems at Colorado State University.

Kershaw is an experienced IT and Information Systems professional. His knowledge and skills will provide students the opportunity to learn from his experience and industry know how. He will be a welcomed new addition to the IBMC team.

In the Computer Support Degree program, students learn valuable problem-solving skills, gain the knowledge to resolve software, printer and other equipment issues, and gain experience providing technical support via online, email or chat forums — technology that most businesses and organizations rely on daily.

IBMC College’s Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs provide students with the skills they need to flourish in a business, cosmetology, dental, healthcare, personal fitness training, paralegal or massage career. At IBMC College, the student body is diverse and those with a strong desire to make a life change are welcomed.

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