IBMC College in Greeley Honors Inspiring Faculty Member

IBMC College in Greeley honors Jill Gesick, instructor for the Medical Assisting program, in this week’s “Teacher Feature.”

Greeley college, IBMC, honors faculty member
Jill Gesick accepts her award as Faculty Member of the Quarter

At IBMC, we make it our mission to provide students with encouraging instructors that posses real-world experience in the fields in which they teach. Not only do our instructors teach our students, but they help to shape the way these students view themselves, academically and professionally.  To highlight these inspiring faculty members,  IBMC has created the “Teacher Feature.”  Become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and link up with us on LinkedIn to leave your comments and show your support for these influential instructors!

This week, IBMC College recognizes Jill Gesick for her inspirational teaching style! She pushes students to succeed and is always willing to assist them in any way possible! Recently, Jill  was recognized by her students and named Faculty of the Quarter at the Greeley college.

Here’s how Jill answered our “Teacher Feature” questionnaire:

1. What do you do, or what did you do, as a profession when you’re not teaching? For how long have you done this? I have worked many jobs, from my first job at a flea market snack bar to instructing at IBMC College. I’ve worked for McDonald’s, Target, hospital registration, preschool/childcare and medical assisting in Internal Medicine and oncology. 

2. What is the one thing you enjoy most about teaching? I enjoy watching the students grow and change from the time they enter until they graduate. It’s also moving to watch them overcome so much and succeed! 

3. What is one thing that you say or do that inspires students to succeed? I NEVER want them to give up on themselves. I always try to encourage them and cheer them on!

4. Who inspires YOU? My family.

5. Describe IBMC in 5 words or less. A very encouraging environment.

6. What was the last movie you watched? Monsters University.

7. If you woke up tomorrow with the means to travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I would travel to Ireland. I think it would be cool.

8. What is one zany/crazy fact about yourself that most students would not know? Secret talents, have you ever been on TV, etc? My students know a lot about me already…I have been skydiving with my husband. 

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