IBMC College Representative Completes Leadership Fort Collins Training

I, Eric Thompson, would like to extend my appreciation for IBMC’s support of my attendance of Leadership Fort Collins (LFC) this past year.  Over the past 12 months, I have attended a day long leadership training (one Thursday every month), facilitated by the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, which focused on leadership development, learning more about the workings of our government, local resources, education, healthcare and more.

Our training ranged from meeting with local political representatives including the Fire Chief, Police Chief, Mayor Weitkunat, Kevin Unger, CEO of UC Health, Govenor Hickenlooper, visiting the Senate, House of Representatives, State Capital and meeting other governmental representatives.  Additionally, we completed a ropes course, received a variety of leadership coaching, toured Front Range Community College, CSU, and a variety of other local agencies that I would not have otherwise had exposure to.

My time spent during this year has provided me with a unique opportunity to collaborate and grow with a team of thirty-three individuals. Our group of five was given the opportunity to work on several great community based projects which included building the Respite Care Therapeutic Garden, and a graduation ceremony last night, featuring Tony Frank, CSU President, as the Keynote Speaker.WP_20150411_004

My time spent with Leadership Fort Collins has given me the opportunity to network, collaborate, continue developing my public speaking skills, gain exposure and development in my leadership skills, and give back to our community all the while representing IBMC College.

I will have the opportunity to be remotely involved with this program in the future as an alumni, and wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for the continued opportunity to grow and develop as a leader.  I love what I do, and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve our students, staff, and faculty in my role at IBMC College. Thank you for the opportunity to serve in my role!