IBMC College Student Receives the CACCS Scholarship and Finds Calling in Massage Therapy

When it came to helping her daughter cope with mental illness, Heather Thuesen witnessed first-hand the benefits of massage therapy. Motivated by her experience, Heather decided to enroll in therapeutic massage training at IBMC College in Fort Collins.  Her recent $1,000 scholarship award from the Colorado Association of Career Colleges will be utilized in her pursuit of a Massage Diploma.

Heather Thuesen, student at IBMC College Fort Collins in the School of Massage & Healing Arts, won the $1,000 CACCS Scholarship. She will use the award as she pursues career training in the Massage Therapy Diploma program.

The Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools (CACCS) announced that Heather Thuesen, a Therapeutic Massage Diploma program student at IBMC College in Fort Collins, CO, was selected this week to receive the $1,000 CACCS Scholarship.

Massage has been a dream 18 years in the making for Thuesen. “I attended CSU in pursuit of a Microbiology Degree with the intent of working in Forensic Medicine.  In my third year, I realized this wasn’t what I was meant to do and left school to pursue a family and other life goals,” she explained.

After having a daughter who was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, Thuesen began focusing on holistic healing and the mind-body connection.  Personally witnessing storms of rage, anxiety and bouts of depression, she found that incredible improvements in temperament were made with the help of massage therapy, acupuncture and nutritional changes.

“These factors greatly impacted my family’s life.  Instead of using massage as just a treatment source, I discovered that I was actually called to work in this therapeutic career field.  I enrolled at IBMC College’s School of Massage & Healing Arts in Fort Collins soon after,” stated Thuesen.

Intertwining her passion for helping others with healing, Thuesen looks forward to the day where she will graduate.  Her plans involve giving back to those in the community, specializing in pain management and working with clients to devise healing therapies.

Quoting pieces from Mother Theresa, Thuesen states, “’I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.’ And, although I am definitely not Mother Theresa, I feel strongly that the ripples I send out into the world will help enrich and guide others.”

The CACCS Scholarship may be used at any post-secondary private technical college that is a member of the Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools.  The award applies to tuition, fees, books or supplies.

To be eligible to apply for the $1,000 CACCS Scholarship, Thuesen had to complete an application, reside in Colorado, graduate high school and maintain at least a “B” average while in college.

The Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools (CACCS) Scholarship was created to encourage and assist qualified students to continue their education.  This award was designed to motivate students to attend colleges within the state of Colorado.

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