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IBMC College Supports Domestic Violence Awareness Week

IBMC College will be supporting and participating in Domestic Violence Awareness Week, starting Monday, January 26th through Friday January 29th. Our goal is to spread the awareness of domestic violence with our campaign “We Care, Be Aware, Start the Conversation.”purple-ribbon-3
Each of our four campuses will be hosting visits from local resources to share information with students, staff, and faculty. There will also be printed materials about Domestic Violence Awareness available on the Student Services boards, as well as in the Resource Rooms.
Our staff, faculty, and students will have the opportunity to support the National Coalition for Domestic Violence with Jeans Days! Participants are encouraged to donate $1 each day to the organization during the week of January 26th. In exchange, participants will receive a purple ribbon for the day, allowing them to wear their favorite jeans to work or class while spreading awareness. Please join us in fighting domestic violence and bringing awareness to the unspoken tragedy that affects so many people.