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Local Colorado student uses skills learned through IBMC College’s Medical Assisting program at the scene of a car accident

Danielle Eckert had a variety of reasons for enrolling in the Medical Assisting program at IBMC College. After high school, she realized she did not want to spend four years away from her family to attend college. That’s when she developed an interest in a healthcare career that she could train for quickly. Danielle also has a husband with Multiple Sclerosis and her mother had suffered a stroke. These reasons, combined with her desire to help others, led her to pursue accelerated medical training.

Train for a healthcare career at IBMC College
Danielle Eckert, former Medical Assisting student at IBMC College is confident in her training!

Just a month prior to graduation, Danielle’s training was put to the test. While driving, she saw the aftermath of a car accident. It was evident that one of the drivers was injured and no ambulance or police were on-scene. Danielle approached the driver to offer assistance, stating, “I didn’t even think about it. I just knew she needed help.”

Feeling completely confident in her skills, Danielle applied pressure to a bleeding cut on the woman’s head and asked her a variety of questions to make sure she was responsive. She continued to speak with the woman in order to keep her alert until paramedics arrived.

When asked if the experience reaffirmed her desire to work in the healthcare field, Danielle replied, “Definitely!”

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