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IBMC Fort Collins Colleges Hosts “Radical” Awards Assembly, Honoring Student Scholars

The Institute of Business & Medical Careers, Inc., Recognized Business, Medical, Legal and Massage Students for Excellence in Academic Achievement and Devotion to Their Education

IBMC Fort Collins Career College
College students at the Fort Collins IBMC campus enjoy studying, the hands-on training and enthusiastic staff members and teaching faculty.

Tube socks, neon flair and mullets were abundant at the Institute of Business & Medical Careers’ 1980’s Student Award Assembly, hosted at the Fort Collins Campus, 3842 South Mason Street on August 30, 2012, for morning, afternoon and evening business, medical, legal and massage students.

Attendees were encouraged to wear 1980’s attire. Students received the tasty, ever popular orange Tang drink, stellar desserts and a variety of prizes throughout the event. Admissions also recognized new Circle of Hope members.

The following students, listed below, were honored at this session’s Student Assembly.

IBMC Fort Collins staff is a group of individuals who are dedicated to changing the lives of business, medical and massage students throughout Colorado and Wyoming.
IBMC Fort Collins staff is a group of individuals who are dedicated to changing the lives of business, medical and massage students throughout Colorado and Wyoming campuses.

President’s List 4.0 GPA:
Joanne Adams, Stacy Adams, Linda Alfieri, Mary Anttila, Debrah Baker, Lana Banuelos-Hernandez, Lisa Barnes, Elizabeth Barragan, Mandy Bingham, Michael Boatman, Neisy Borges-Parra April Boyer, Lori Brown, Bianca Camacho, Valerie Candia, Melissa Carr, Amy Cletcher, LeAnne Dingman, Nikki Dufford, Lisa Duncan, Amanda Ellis, Regina Gabbard, Yesenia Garcia, Shanyon Gavin, Laurie Gebbie, Petrina Grey, Theresa Hall, Cindy Harris, Barbara Hoffman, Dakota Holley, Jordan Hucke, Mairead LaJeunesse, Abigail Lyons, Leah Martin, Theresa Martinson, Ron McDowell, Brittany McIntosh, Erin McNulty, Nichole McPhie, Karen Mills, Shannon Minor, Crystal Mitts, Chelsi Montez, Corrinn Morrill, Mary Patrick, Olga Patron-Diaz, Katherine Pelepchan, Benton Petersen, Celestino Plascencia, Nicole Polster-Copeland, Virginia Preast, Darian Ramos, Daniel Rayburn, Patricia Reynolds, Marcie Rollison, Julia Selders, Amanda Shively, Nicole Taylor, Angella Thiel, Jennifer Thompson, Sara VanDerslice, Jennifer Wares, Brooke Wendell, Tyler Wilson, Krystal Wulf, Amanda Yanase and Melissa Zuniga-Torres

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 GPA:
Krista Abromski, Rockie Ahnstedt, Shirley Aragon, Isa Barnett-Ahl, Morgan Becker, Falesha Brockhaus, Amy Buckridge, Rebecca Champion, Ashley Coleman, Deborah Easter, Sandra Eddy, Kristi Ellis, Heather Freel, Nola Freeman, Abigail Gathercole, Giselle Guido, Jennifer Hammer, Dion Harris, Brian Hasstedt, Jennifer Hollingshead, Fredrick Hurlburt, Rhiannon Jones, Suzanne Mengel, Connie Miller, Amanda Payne, Anastacia Rodriguez, Stephanie Roe, Lucy Rosario, Elizabeth Snyder, Jillene Sowl,
Sherri Stites, Jaime Vaquera and Lee Wendorff

The Institute of Business and Medical Careers (IBMC) has been providing career training for 25 years. This college is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) and offers certificate, diploma and associate of occupational studies degrees in the following programs: business, healthcare, massage therapy and legal at the Fort Collins, CO; Longmont, CO; Greeley, CO and Cheyenne, WY locations.

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