IBMC Grants $175,500 in Scholarships in 2011

The Institute of Business & Medical Careers in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming Helps Individuals Achieve Academic Goals

The cost of attending college is costly; however, with the help of the Institute of Business & Medical Careers, 69 individuals were granted a grand total of $175,500 in scholarships throughout 2011.

The IBMC Scholarship Program was designed with the purpose of reaching out to people who are looking to better their lives through educational advancement. IBMC realizes that each person’s situation is different. To accommodate the needs of potential students, a scholarship “variety” type of program was created, which is detailed below.

2011 Scholarship Programs at IBMC
1.  2nd Chance Scholarship- A scholarship designed to help students who have been out of high school one year and have decided to take a “2nd look” at Career College.
a. Award:  $1000
b. Total recipients:  5
c. Total Award:  $5000

2.  Graduation Tuition Waiver- A graduate can return and take an additional program and receive tuition waiver in the amount of $750 for a degree and $500 for diploma.
a. Award $500-$750
b. Total recipients:  6
c. Total Award:  $4000

3.  High School Presidential Scholarship- Awarded by the High School counselors in the area to students who meet GPA and motivation criteria.
a. Award:  $1000-1500 depending upon the program
b. Recipients:  30
c. Total Award:  $42,000

4.  Family Scholarship- Awarded to family members of current students (sibling, parent, and child) or graduates of IBMC.
a. Award:  $750-$1500 depending on program
b. Recipients:  16
c. Total Award:  $19,500

Total Institutional Scholarships Awarded:  57

Total Institutional Scholarship Awarded:  $70,500

Additionally, IBMC had 12 staff members take advantage of tuition benefits for immediate family, benefiting the employees with free tuition adding up to:  $105,000. In total, IBMC’s scholarship giving amounted to: $175,500.

Scholarships were used in the School of Business, School of Allied Health Careers, School of Paralegal Studies and the School of Massage & Healing Arts.

To learn more about IBMC Scholarships and financial aid programs (must qualify), please call (800) 495-2669 or visit