IBMC Greeley College Partners With United Way of Weld County to Bridge the CCAP Gap

The Institute of Business & Medical Careers announces a joint partnership with the United Way of Weld County to provide emergency funding to students seeking child care assistance, while attending college.

IBMC Greeley Career College has partnered with United Way of Weld County to bridge the CCAP funding gap for students pursuing an Associates Degree.

Earlier this year, CCAP was forced to reduced several of their benefits, due to decreased funding, which also impacted the lives of IBMC students.

United Way of Weld Countystepped-up to the challenge and created an Emergency Assistance Program for students who are currently pursuing specialized/technical certificates or Associates Degrees.

This new program will assist with child care past the CCAP’s 12 month allowance, making it possible for IBMC students to complete an education in the medical, business, legal or massage courses taught at IBMC Career College in Greeley, CO, 5400 W. 11th Street, Ste. D.

Many of IBMC’s students rely heavily upon Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) funding to help with the financial burden of child care costs while attending college. This new program will benefit those mothers and fathers who are looking to make a change in their life to continue pursuing an education, while bridging the gap between available financial resources and child care costs.

“Thank you to Anne Marie Romme, Student Services Advisor, IBMC Greeley, for her diligence in working with the United Way of Weld County to create a new program specifically designed for IBMC students to help with child care costs. She is truly an individual who is changing lives.”
Trish Bowen, Campus Director, IBMC Greeley

For more information, please contact the Institute of Business & Medical Careers by calling (970) 356-4733 or visit