IBMC is Here to Help Serve Veterans and Their Families

Donald Langren is a dedicated professional who helps serve military students and families at IBMC.

Donald Langren: Financial Aid Counselor/
VA Certifying Official

I have been a VA Certifying Official for the Greeley campus for a little under a year now and will be the VA certifying Official for our Longmont campus in the near future. I’m a Veteran myself. I spent three years in the Navy. I was stationed in Japan for my first year and was in San Diego for my last two years. I received an honorable discharge after my contract was served out.  I have received three degrees from the Institute of Business & Medical Careers (IBMC). They are in Accounting, Business Administration and Accounting, and Medical Billing and Coding. I worked out in the field as an accountant for a year before coming back to work at IBMC.

Jon Dechant is devoted to chaning the lives of IBMC's military students.

Jon Dechant: Title IV Audit, Training & VA Compliance Manager
I graduated from the Institute of Business and Medical Careers (IBMC) in 2008. Prior to attending IBMC I was an entrepreneur.  I have been working in the Financial Aid department at IBMC since October 2008. In September 2009 I was given the opportunity to work with Veteran students. It is the best part of my job! I enjoy meeting with Veterans on a daily basis. I currently work with Veteran students in Longmont, Fort Collins, and Cheyenne.

For more information on student services for veterans and their families, please contact IBMC by calling (800) 495-2669 or email