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IBMC Longmont Student is Awarded $1755 Scholarship by A Woman’s Work

A few weeks ago, Peggy Greve, Student Account Specialist at the Institute of Business and Medical Careers, came across an article announcing the availability of scholarship opportunities from the organization A Woman’s Work. Immediately, Peggy thought of how beneficial a scholarship like this could be to one of IBMC’s own students.

IBMC Longmont
Thanks to the generous people at A Woman’s Work, the dedication of one of our students, and the team work of IBMC Longmont staff, a $1755 scholarship has been awarded to a grateful student.

Excited by the potential opportunity, Peggy notified Barbara Kearns, Longmont Campus Director, and inquired about getting the word out to our students. Barbara asked April Peterson, Student Services Advisor, to help spread the information about how to apply for the scholarship. Using a variety of different methods, April did just that and notified qualifying students about the generous cash award.

An eager IBMC Longmont student knew that this was an opportunity that she could not pass up and jumped at her chance to win some cash to apply toward her education. We have recently discovered that A Woman’s Work has awarded this student $1755 in scholarship money to help fund her education at IBMC!

By working together, these IBMC staff members have shown just how much the efforts of our faculty and staff can impact the lives of students. Thanks to Peggy’s consideration of the students and April’s effective communication, two caring individuals have positively changed a student’s life and helped to lessen her debt by over $1700!