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IBMC Medical Assistants to Volunteer at the 9Health Fair in Evans on April 26th

The general public is invited to the 9Health Fair, where no-cost and discounted health screenings will be performed by trained healthcare professionals and student medical assistants from IBMC Greeley College.

9Health Fair will be hosted on April 26th at the Evans Moose Lodge, 3456 11th Avenue in Evans from 7:00-11:30am, and IBMC College is lending a hand with their trained medical assistants.

These students use hands-on training to prepare for a healthcare career.
IBMC Greeley’s student medical assistants receive hands-on training in the classroom and have the opportunity to perform volunteer duties in the community at the 9Health Fair in Evans.

This year, 14 medical assistant degree and diploma student volunteers will perform blood draws, blood pressure checks and other healthcare-related duties.  Students in other career fields will help with general event assistance.

The 9Health Fair offers more than 25 free and 7 low-cost health screenings.  Anyone 18 years and older is encouraged to attend and take advantage of the tools offered at the fair.

Basic screenings include: Blood Chemistry Screening (Blood Draw; Cost: $30.00), Prostate Specific Antigen Screening (Men Only Blood Draw; Cost: $25.00), Blood Count Screening (Blood Draw; Cost: $15.00), Vitamin D Screening (Blood Draw; Cost: $40.00), Hemoglobin A1c (Blood Draw; $25), Colon Cancer Screening Kit (Cost: $20.00), Blood Pressure Screening, Vision Screening, Ask a Medical Question and Get a Referral, Height/Weight/Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening.

To view additional screenings, go to

For information on medical assisting programs at the Greeley college campus, call (970) 356-4733, stop by the campus at 2863 35th Avenue or fill out the form on this page to get started!