IBMC Nominees for the CACCS’s Faculty and Staff of the Year Awards

Every year, the Colorado Association of Career Colleges & Schools (CACCS) compiles nominees for “Faculty Member of the Year” and “Staff Member of the Year” from schools throughout Colorado. Each school is requested to make one nomination for each category.

This year, IBMC has selected Jackie Gresham as our nominee for “Staff Member of the Year” and April Ekstrom as our nominee for “Faculty Member of the Year.” Nominees are selected based on three criteria: commitment, performance, and leadership/ professionalism. Examples for each of these criteria may include achievements; interaction with peers; extracurricular activities, participation in professional or student organizations, tutoring/mentoring; and/or displaying a positive, lead-by-example attitude.

As you can imagine, narrowing down our nominations to one person per category is not always easy. Some honorable mentions include: Lauren Seville, Melissa Newbanks, and Rick Jennings – all of whom were also mentioned for IBMC’s nomination for “Faculty Member of the Year.”

The overall winners for these categories will be announced at CACCS’s annual fall meeting in Denver.

Best of luck to you, Jackie and April.