The Job Outlook for Computer Support Specialists

Computers have become a pervasive part of our business and personal lives. We have them on our desks, put them on our laps, and even carry mobile computer devices around in our pockets. Because of this, the demand for computer support specialists is expected to grow by 17 percent* over the next decade, and this job growth is faster than average for other types of careers.

*Statistics are nationally assigned by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Become a Computer or Networking Professional Fast

The good news is that you do not need to spend the time and money to get a four-year degree in order to become a computer professional. Employers want to hire skilled employees, but they are not necessarily looking for graduates of four-year programs. At our technology college in Cheyenne, IBMC College, you can get the training you need to enter the field in as little as 19 months, when following the prescribed coursework.

This training will prepare you to handle all sorts of hardware, software, and networking issues. Besides preparing you to work with current applications, our programs help you develop critical thinking skills required to solve problems in this ever-changing technology field.

Nearly all types of companies, schools, and government organizations rely upon technology. Some major industries that need to hire computer support specialists include manufacturers, consultants, educational institutions, and wholesale distributors. Networking specialists are in big demand in telecommunications, finance, and the government.

While many computer and networking specialists work in a typical 9-5 environment, others enjoy flexible hours and may even work out of a remote or home office. Typical computer professionals enjoy solving problems and helping others.

Begin Your New Career Right Away

While computer technology careers are hot right now, you may wish to explore other career options that are equally exciting. Besides offering technology programs, we also have a legal college in Cheyenne and many other practical educational opportunities. Take the first step towards your exploring your options by contacting us to schedule a campus tour. You will have the opportunity to speak with educational and financial advisors who can help you pursue your dream of a new career.