What You Should Know About Becoming a Cosmetologist

Cosmetology is a fascinating field, especially for those who have an artistic flair. A person who is interested in this line of work may opt to specialize in a particular aspect of cosmetology (i.e. make-up, hairdressing, etc.) or provide a variety of cosmetic services.


Obtaining a diploma in this field is important, as it enables a person to not only learn the basics of this field but also find a good job. However, it is important to pick a good school to study with. While there are a number of beauty schools to choose from, the Longmont IBMC College stands out because it is accredited, offers various short diploma courses that can be completed in fourteen months, when following the prescribed coursework, and utilizes a team of Career Services personnel to assist with job placement after graduation.

We also ensure that all courses are taught by experienced, competent educators who not only teach from a textbook but also provide hands-on learning experiences in the classroom and in our Student Beauty Services Clinic.

Job Openings

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that cosmetologist job opportunities are growing at the rate of 13%, which is about as fast as average.* However, many graduates opt to start their own business instead of finding a job at an existing company. Starting one’s own company can be very fulfilling, as one will then be able to serve the community of his or her choice and offer the services that he or she feels best qualified to provide. *Note: Statistics are nationally assigned, not regionally.


The average annual salary for a cosmetologist varies depending on geographical location, job location and one’s field of specialty. Cosmetologists, on average, are paid anywhere from $8.00 per hour to over $21.00 per hour. Theater companies, scientific and technical companies and health practitioner offices pay the highest salaries in this field.

Becoming a licensed cosmetologist is rewarding. IBMC’s courses make it possible for students to succeed in the coursework, graduate with the competence needed and the skill-sets to find a good career.

If you are interested in this field, simply go over the diploma options on our site and choose a course that suits your needs and desires. After that, fill out an application form and talk to one of our experienced Admissions Representatives regarding tuition, course deadlines and other important information.