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What You Should Know About Studying Technology at IBMC

Those who are looking for a technology college in Cheyenne will find that IBMC is one of the best options available. Our short, affordable yet comprehensive computer support specialist course enables students to learn the fundamental principles of computer management. We also offer an externship program that not only enables students to put book learning into practice but also gain valuable experience that can then be noted on one’s job resume.

Getting to Know the Coursework

We offer over twenty courses as part of our computer support specialist program. These include not only basic courses such as Fundamental Computer Skills, Introduction to Database, Introduction to Spreadsheets and Introduction to Computing Concepts but also advanced material covering topics such as PC maintenance and repair, career marketing strategies and networking. Our courses teach you how to handle IT work and market your skills so you will have a better chance at finding a job upon graduation.

The coursework is taught by competent, experienced professors who also supervise all practical, hands-on training. For courses involving book learning, there is one professor for every thirty students. Courses involving practical life training have one professor for every sixteen students.

Getting Ready

If you are studying with us for the first time, we encourage you to get ready for college well in advance. Those who need financial aid can apply for Federal aid from FAFSA and the Pell Grant. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Our Financial Aid Department can help answer your questions, fill out forms and work with you on funding options.

We also encourage you to buy the textbooks you need for the course well in advance. We can provide you with both the titles and the ISBN number upon request. The textbooks can be purchased either new or used from a variety of sources and buying them early on can help you get a good deal.

Technology is a fascinating field and one that offers a number of fulfilling job opportunities. At IBMC we take pride in offering up-to-date computer courses and helping students with career placement services when they graduate. We invite you to find out more about our technology programs today.