Local Cheyenne College Honors Student Achievements at Awards Assembly

Students’ hard work and dedication are recognized at the Student Appreciation barbecue.

At IBMC College in Cheyenne, located at 1854 Dell Range Blvd., students dined on barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers as they were recognized for their outstanding achievements at the western-themed Student Appreciation Assembly this July.

Cowboy hats, bandanas and boots were the accessories of choice for those students wanting to get into the spirit of the day!

This exciting campus event was an opportunity for students who have excelled over the past 10 weeks in their business, healthcare, paralegal or massage classes to be honored in front of their peers!

President’s List 4.0 GPA by City:
Cheyenne: Danielle Adams, Judith Adams, Mia Arcilla, Brittany Belford, Jacqueline Bowen, Jessica Chivers, Bonnie Eisen, Dorothea Escritor, Amy Hassinger, Ethon Hinds, Angela Ivey, Tina Johnston, Carrie Marriner, Amanda Miller, Kelsey Miller, Scott Mullis, Tonya Murray, Shevelle Ott, Mariah Palluck, Jolene Patch, Angela Plunkett, Roberta Radoane, Leandra Reher, Anna Roesch, Brandon Salazar, Tamra Sayers, Jennifer Schottle, Galina Schreiber, Cristal Serrano, Brittney Sestak, Patricia Smith, Autumn Taninies, Codi Taylor, Kirsten Urban, Leslie Vallee, Katie Walsh and Jordan Walter  Evansville: Ryta Lara  Scottsbluff: Jessica Nuesca  Wheatland: Ashley Dike

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 GPA by City:
Carpenter: Brittany Hargraves  Cheyenne: Rebecca Andrade, Minisia Castro, Preston Coddington, Amber Davidson, Kelly Fryman, Adrianna Hinds, Clementina Jimenez, Patricia Johnson, Margaret Juniker, Vince Kelly, Antoinette Marshall, Susan McNair, Lynette Mullis, Nicole Negron, Tracie Paul, Ashley Peterson, Jonathan Rudolph, Taylor Sestak, Misty Vance and Maegan Whelchel  Pine Bluffs: Kelly Lanning

Exceptional Attendance:
Cheyenne: Judith Adams, Adrianna Allen, Rachel Allen-Reinacher, Rebecca Andrade, Jacqueline Bowen, Bonnie Eisen, Dorothea Escritor, Amy Hassinger, Monic Hazard, Ethon Hinda, Adrianna Hinds, Angela Ivey, Jessica Johnson, Margaret Juniker, Antoinette Marshall, Amanda Miller, Tonya Murray, Shevelle Ott, Mariah Palluck, Jolene Path, Tracie Paul, Shontel Peterson, Roberta Radoane, Tamra Sayers, Jennifer Schottle, Galina Schreiber, Brittney Sestak, Taylor Sestak, Gary Shafer, Kirsten Urban, Jordan Walter, Maegan Whelchel, Joyell Whitman and Gilbert Yanez  Evansville: Ryta Lara  Wheatland: Ashley Dike

Rising STAR Students:
Nicole Aragon, Mia Arcilla and Jesse Trejo

STAR Student:
Clementina Jimenez, Kelsey Miller and Lynette Mullis

Students of the Quarter:
Nick Blythe, Emma Borden, Sabre Fowler

Faculty of the Quarter:
Diana McCarty

Staff of the Quarter:
Nick Bell

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