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Longmont, Colorado Offers an Attractive Lifestyle for Students

If you are interested in pursuing an education that will equip you for a career in the health services field, you will definitely want to check out IBMC College in Longmont. Not only is IBMC an excellent place to get the type of education that will allow you to have a competitive edge in today’s job market, but the Longmont community will provide you with many amenities that will make student life pleasant and memorable.

Located in the eastern part of the state of Colorado, Longmont was founded as an intentional community (planned community, where its residents share common values) by a group of citizens from Chicago. The city grew and flourished over the years and remains a desirable place to live for both students and families.

The downtown area of Longmont is vibrant and eclectic in a classic Colorado way, with many small, privately owned galleries, boutiques, and cafes. You’ll always find something interesting and fun to do in the downtown area, and the historic buildings add a rustically Western ambiance that you’ll love. This area also hosts many community festivals and celebrations and is home to several museums.

Longmont is also located near a large reservoir, making it an ideal college destination for those who enjoy water sports such as boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing, and jet skiing. The area also has three public golf courses and over 40 miles of greenways and trails for walking, running, biking, and horseback riding. If you like winter sports, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snowshoeing are all widely practiced here.

If you are the daring type, Longmont is one of the most popular destinations in the world for those who participate in the sport of skydiving. You don’t actually have to jump out of a plane to enjoy skydiving, however — simply watching other people do so and enjoying seeing them slowly drift to Earth under colorful parachutes is a quality experience in its own right.

Longmont also has a significant amount of affordable student rentals and a low crime rate. Non- traditional students with families of their own will love its family friendly feel and the abundance of activities for children. There are 24 parks in the community and plenty of programs designed to provide young families with educational and recreational opportunities in safe settings. Visit Longmont soon to further explore whether this community is a good match for your future plans.