Longmont Instructor Inspires Students at IBMC College

The Longmont campus of IBMC College honors Therapeutic Massage instructor, Phyllis Tucker in this week’s edition of the “Teacher Feature.”

Students at IBMC College often recognize faculty members as the driving force that pushes them to excel in their business, computer, healthcare, legal and massage programs. To showcase these inspiring faculty members, IBMC has created the “Teacher Feature.”  Become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and link up with us on LinkedIn to leave your comments and show your support for these influential instructors!

Recently, Phyllis Tucker was recognized by her students as Faculty Member of the Quarter. Her ability to relate, her years of industry experience and her encouraging words make her a campus favorite!Here’s how Phyllis answered our “Teacher Feature” questionnaire:

1. What do you do, or what did you do, as a profession when you’re not teaching? For how long have you done this? I have been in health and human services for over forty years. For the past twenty-eight years, I have maintained a private natural healthcare business. I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu, spectro chrome color therapy, bodywork, nutrition, herbology and homeopathics. I also teach on a regular basis and I have trademarked a deep-water exercise called HydrO2ga.

2. What is the one thing you enjoy most about teaching? I enjoy the diversity of students in the classroom and the challenges they bring.

3. What is one thing that you say or do that inspires students to succeed? I encourage therapeutic massage students to remember through their coursework that they did not choose this work, rather that they have been chosen for this field of healing by a source greater than them.

4. Who inspires YOU? I am inspired by the great teachers of the past and present that have guided me on my path, such as Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Dali Lama and most importantly, God.

5. Describe what IBMC means to you. IBMC is an educational foundation based on the promotion of educational and financial progress, dedication and compassion, for both the students and the teachers.

6. If you woke up tomorrow with the means to travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I have traveled the world and it is good. At this time in my life, I would travel to Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois and have the time and freedom to just be with my family and friends.

7. What is one zany/crazy fact about yourself that most students would not know? Secret talents, have you ever been on TV, etc? I am a mountain woman and for the past years, I have made it a mission to hike to all the lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park. I have eight left, for which I need a helicopter to reach.

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