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IBMC’s Therapeutic Massage School Serves PVH Family Medicine Center’s Pain Clinic

IBMC College provides the Family Medicine Center’s Pain Clinic, a division of Poudre Valley Hospital—University of Colorado Health, patients with healing massages.

Executives and representatives of IBMC College were invited to a meeting at the Family Medicine Center’s Pain Management Clinic, a part of Poudre Valley Hospital —University of Colorado Health, on October 29th, where  IBMC received recognition for helping to treat patients with chronic pain, through the power of therapeutic massage, this past year.

Become a massage therapist at IBMC College in Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont or Cheyenne.

Kathy Randall, LPN11 at the Family Medicine Center, began a pilot program with IBMC College in 2012 to provide complimentary student massages to select pain clients at their facility. As part of a collaborative effort between the two companies, IBMC has continued to provide a healing component to the current Pain Management Clinic client treatment plans this year, while also imparting students in the massage programs with valuable experience in their craft.

“Medical massage has shown benefits for pain relief, but it can be costly. PMC patients volunteer to receive treatments at IBMC by serving as models for trigger point, neuromuscular and clinical analysis massages. In exchange, the patients receive services at no cost, and the students enjoy making a difference in the patients’ lives,” said Kathy Randall, Registered Nurse, Family Medicine Center.

Over the course of the past year, nearly 40 pain clients have benefited from the services offered by IBMC’s School of Massage & Healing Arts, and, at one point, 27 individuals were being treated through massage therapy, all within the same week, across four campus locations: Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont and Cheyenne.

“IBMC College is very proud of our partnership with the Family Medicine Center. We look forward to continuing to serve the Pain Management Clinic clients and offer our students and externs a profound educational experience, allowing these clients to receive a service that they, otherwise, would not be able to afford,” stated Eric Thompson, Fort Collins Campus President, IBMC College.

At the Family Medicine Pain Clinic’s meeting on Tuesday evening, Kathy Randall presented each of the four IBMC College locations with a letter of recognition and gratitude for the services that have been provided to their clients. Additionally, Randall bestowed each campus with a hand-painted “Gratitude Rock,” representing the appreciation and gratitude that the Clinic staff and patients have for the program and for IBMC College.

Tasha Marchant, PhD, RN, and nearly 20 Family Medicine Center Pain clients were in attendance, as well as the following individuals:

  • Rich Laub, Owner, IBMC College
  • Steve Steele, CEO, IBMC College
  • Diana Gunderson, Vice President, IBMC College
  • Mitch Thomas, COO, IBMC College
  • Eric Thompson, Campus President, IBMC College Fort Collins
  • Melissa Meltzer, Faculty Manager, IBMC College Fort Collins
  • Barbara Kearns, Campus President, IBMC College Longmont
  • Casey Alexander, Faculty Manger, IBMC College Longmont
  • Joshua Balzer, Adjunct Instructor, IBMC College Greeley
  • Archie Randall, Campus President, IBMC College Cheyenne, WY
  • Angela Massengill, Faculty Manger, IBMC College Cheyenne, WY

To learn more about the Pain Management Clinic program at the Family Medicine Center, 1025 Pennock Place in Fort Collins, CO, please call (970) 495-8834.

For information about IBMC College’s Therapeutic Massage Degree or diploma programs at the Fort Collins, CO; Greeley, CO; Longmont, CO or Cheyenne, WY campuses, please call (800) 495-2669 or visit our massage program page.

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