Paralegal Studies Student Honored in the Business and Management Category by CACCS

The Legal Field is a Rewarding, Exciting Profession. For one Fort Collins Paralegal Student, her Hard Work in the Classroom was Recognized by CACCS!

Training to Work in the Legal Field has Many Rewards! Kendell Lawyer, an Evening Paralegal Student at IBMC, Credits her Amazing Family to Helping her Reach her Goals and Pursue her Dreams of a Better Life.

Congratulations to Kendell Lawyer, an evening student in the (IBMC) School of Paralegal Studies!

Lawyer has been honored as Student of the Year in the Business and Management Category by the Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools (CACCS) on September 30, 2011.

Lillie Ackerman, Adjunct Instructor in the School of Paralegal Studies at IBMC, Kendell Lawyer, Evening Paralegal Student at IBMC and Eric Thompson, Campus Director at IBMC of Fort Collins Celebrate at the CACCS Ceremony After Learning Lawyer was Named Student of the Year

“It is such an honor to be acknowledged by the CACCS. This award is not only a reflection on me but of the caring instructors and comprehensive courses at IBMC. I can’t say thank you enough for all the support and encouragement I received from faculty and peers to help me to follow my passion in the field of law. The kind of education I’ve received at IBMC I consider to be invaluable to the enrichment and empowerment of mine, my husband, and my four children’s lives. Receiving this award acknowledges the success I have had and that I will have in the future and I hope it inspires others to strive for excellence.”

Nominated by Lillie Ackerman of IBMC, each year the Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools and the Denver Press Agency selects 15 students who exemplify excellence in commitment, performance, leadership and professionalism.

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