Slip Into Tranquility With IBMC’s Massage Clinic

As a brand new employee at the Institute of Business and Medical Careers, I was thrilled to discover that IBMC has a massage clinic (as I’m sure you can imagine). Upon learning this, the first thing that came to mind was, “I can’t wait to try that out.”

IBMC offers massages at discounted rates and a spa-like atmosphere. Come in today and enjoy a healing touch today!

It didn’t take long before I actually did. In fact, it took me less than a week to get an appointment made, and by the end of my massage, I was ready to sing its praises.  While the thought of running through the halls of the clinic to sing the aforementioned praises crossed my mind, I decided that my out-of-tune voice might be (slightly) disruptive to the other patrons, leading me to share my experience in a somewhat more appropriate manner, via the blog.

Never having been to a massage clinic that is located on the campus where students actually learn, I pictured the clinic to be a couple of standard, minimalistic rooms with basic amenities. I was wrong…dead wrong. Each massage area is much more than that, with soothing music piping through the sound system, dim lighting to calm the senses and invoke relaxation, and private rooms with spa-like décor. In terms of the massage space, my expectations could not have been further exceeded.

After I climbed onto the table, with my head down, my masseuse, Joseph, gently knocked on the door and entered into the room. He provided me with some lavender aromatherapy and instructed me to “melt into the table,” a request that perfectly described what was expected from me. As he performed my massage, he struck the perfect balance of interaction and silence. He engaged in conversation throughout the massage to ensure that pressure levels were to my liking, but remained silent for most of the time in order to allow me to reach full tranquility.  His strokes were consistent and fluid and I drifted further and further away from life’s stresses. As my massage neared its end, Joseph told me that it would be best if I got up slowly and took my time, something I had no problem doing, as my body was fully relaxed.

Upon leaving the room, I was greeted with a cool water bottle, mints, and a form on which I could provide feedback for Joseph. All I could think to say was how amazing my experience was. I was not only impressed by Joseph’s technique, but his professionalism, as well. And all this from a student? I never would have guessed!

After my experience with IBMC’s massage clinic and Joseph, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a  massage at IBMC’s clinic for other students, employees, and members of the community. For the service they provide, at the price they provide it, you really get the most for your money. And we all know, these days, that’s important.

To book your massage at IBMC today, click here.

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