Student Awards Assembly Hosted at Local Longmont College

Academic accomplishments are celebrated at IBMC College during Student Awards Assembly at local career training school

The students of IBMC College in Longmont, CO, 2315 North Main Street, were recognized for their academic achievements during the Student Awards Assembly on July 11.  Students were presented with awards for exceptional academic and attendance achievement, and select staff and faculty were honored with awards, as well.

This quarterly assembly was a student appreciation barbeque, with staff and faculty serving up hotdogs and hamburgers to IBMC students, in addition to celebrating academic excellence.

This special event honored students enrolled in business, medical, massage and paralegal programs who excelled in the past ten weeks.

President’s List 4.0 GPA by City:
Virginia Preast  Berthoud: Rebecca Lewis and Beverly Mireles  Boulder: Nicole Lover  Dacono: Brissa Granados  Denver: Samantha Mirabal  Federal heights: Danielle Gundy  Firestone: Kimberly Green, Dana Jones and Katrina Tirado  Frederick: Karen Copen, Stehlin Crawford and James Reeves  Johnstown: Nicole Clark, Bernadette Murphy and Carrie Ruhl  Lafayette: Lesley South  Longmont: Angelique Asebedo, Michelle Bechtholdt, Crystal Bradley, Jennifer Buffington, Lauren Coleman, Lizbeth Crespo, Ann Dean, Roberta Derr, Tonya Dodson, Karina Duran, Megan Echols, Rachel Frysig, Zuzana Garcala, Sandy Goodman, Ricky Guzman, Tauni Hamilton, Stephanie Herndon, Gwen Hildreth, Lauren Hopp, Kristine Hoyt, Rowena Hutchinson, Stacie Johnson, Erika Jones, Lindsey Kelly, Sarah Klein, Jonas Lemmex, Rene Leonardi, Lisa Maes, Lilia Mejia, Jessica Mora, Maricruz Mora-Mejia, Michelle Morgan, Ericka Newman, Kristina Olson, Elizabeth Palmer, Kimberly Parks, Almitra Price, Wendy Raines, Kayleen Richie, Jason Rodelander, Erin Rogers, Sheree Romero, Ryan Sais, Mandy Steed, Neftaly Tarin-Terrazas, Amy Thompson, Lacey Urbain, Jamie VanHorne, Karen Wade and Tina Wisse  Loveland: Valencia Bautista, Joseie Bielenberg and Heather Hammond  Mead: Jennifer Anich and Danya Kudsi  Milliken: Tricia Ramirez  Northglenn: Monica Murray  Thornton: Jennifer Brossart  Windsor: Michelle Amos

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9 GPA by City:
Miguel Nieto  Boulder: Danya Ahram, Miriam Borrego and Michelle Thomas  Broomfield: Stephen Barros  Firestone: Nicole Muth  Longmont: Linda Caddell, Clara Castro Rodriguez, Jasmin Chico, Tonya Copley, Jamie Crystal, Jessica Dismang, Debra Drexel, Erika Fraire, Erika Freeman, Vanessa Gutierrez-Chavez, Kylie-Jeane Hofferber, Danyel Kaliszewski, Chelsea Leathers, Eduardo Macias, Nathan Mann, Paige Meeks, Eugene Morris, Jennifer Payette, Bobbie Poulos, Sarahi Ramirez-Lara, Deanna Sais, Sherry Seerveld, Veronica Taberna, Nadine Toucheque and Nicole VanWagner  St. Francis: Katora Sherlock

Exceptional Attendance:
Beverly Mireles  Boulder: Miriam Borrego  Dacono: Brissa Granados  Firestone: Katrina Tirado  Frederick: Stehlin Crawford  Longmont: Laurie Billings, Jennifer Buffington, Kimberly Carnagie, Lauren Coleman, Ann Dean, Roberta Derr, Rachel Frysig, Zuzana Garcala, Ricky Guzman, Rowena Hutchinson, Angela Jeffrey, Sarah Johnson, Stacie Johnson, Lindsey Kelly, Chelsea Leathers, Rene Leonardi, Lisa Maes, Jessica Mora, Josue Moreno, Elizabeth Palmer, Bobbie Poulos, Barbara Ramirez Perez, Erin Rogers, Mandy Steed, Veronica Taberna, Jamie VanHorne, Karen Wade and Tina Wisse  Loveland: Joseie Bielenberg  Mead: Danya Kudsi  Windsor: Michelle Amos

Rising STAR Students:
Miriam Borrego, Lisa Chavez and Domenika Sanchez

STAR Students:
Michelle Betcholdt, Tammi Hofferber and Paige Meeks

Students of the Quarter:
Jonas Lemmex, Josue Moreno and Almitra Price

Faculty of the Quarter:
Phyllis Tucker

Staff of the Quarter:
April Lindgren

IBMC College now offers exciting new programs in Dental Assisting and Computer Support! To learn more about these programs and our existing business, legal, massage and healthcare programs offered at the Longmont college, please call (303) 651-6819 or visit

About IBMC College (Institute of Business & Medical Careers) IBMC College is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools. Founded in 1987, IBMC welcomes a diversity of individuals and encourages life-long learning for success. IBMC offers certificate, diploma and Associate Degree programs in Business, Computers, Cosmetology, Dental, Healthcare, Legal and Massage career fields at the Greeley, CO; Fort Collins, CO; Longmont, CO and Cheyenne, WY college locations. Programs do vary by campus.