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The Benefits of Choosing a Technology College Over a Four-Year University

Four-year institutions get all of the publicity, but for many students, they aren’t the best options for getting started in a new career. Instead, the best option is often the one that allows a graduate to enter a field far more quickly. This is where a technology college in Greeley comes in. At a tech college, it’s possible to get good credentials in less than two years. These credentials are often all that are needed to catapult oneself above the competition, avoid minimum-wage entry level work, and get started up the career ladder.

Start a New Career in a Hurry

This is the goal for many students who enter a technology college in Fort Collins. The idea of spending four years just to get into a new career isn’t palatable when it’s important to start making money within a shorter period of time. Four years is also far too long if a person is currently stuck in a hated job. By going to a technology or technical school, a person can get the credentials needed to improve his or her situation in two years or less.

Advance a Current Career

Many people who get jobs right out of high school end up starting at minimum wage. This may be fine for 18- or 19-year-olds, but as time goes on, the need for money grows. Unfortunately, it can be hard to convince employers to provide raises after having worked for less. The employer figures that the employee can be replaced with another recent high school graduate with no loss in terms of the services performed, so it has no incentive to try to keep the raise-seeker on board.

One way to get out of this rut is to get more education in the relevant field. This allows the employer to gain the benefit of a more-qualified worker if the desired raise is provided. If the raise still fails to come, the now-improved worker can more easily seek a job at a new company without switching fields.

The speed with which these benefits can be obtained set technology colleges apart from four-year universities, and in many cases, put them above the more famous institutions. Talk to a tech college counselor today to learn more about how these schools allow students to turn a career around or even start a new one in just a few months.