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The Benefits of Going to School in Cheyenne, Wyoming

As the capital of Wyoming, Cheyenne is also the most populated city and has plenty to offer both temporary and permanent residents. Those who are considering attending IBMC College in Cheyenne will be pleased to know that an abundance of activities exist for both traditional and non-traditional students. For instance, it is not at all unusual these days for people to decide to train for a second or even a third career, and many of them choose to attend a healthcare college in Cheyenne for a variety of good reasons.

Cheyenne has many family-friendly recreational opportunities, making it an excellent education destination for non-traditional students who have families. Outdoor activities as well as community events are plentiful in Cheyenne, and the relatively low crime rate and cost of living are yet more family-friendly amenities that the community provides. Many of our students who come here to study end up remaining in Cheyenne after they’ve graduated from one of our programs because they enjoy the quality of life and the career opportunities that exist here.

Cheyenne enjoys a semi-arid climate, meaning that precipitation levels are low during both winter and summer. Rain falls most often in spring and fall, and snowfall amounts in winter are generally enough to allow winter sports enthusiast’s opportunities to indulge in activities such as cross country skiing, sledding, and snowboarding. Hiking, biking, fishing, camping, boating, and horseback riding can all be enjoyed during the summers in the area around Cheyenne.

Cheyenne also has two golf courses, a skateboard park, a municipal swimming pool, and an ice skating rink that doubles as an event center. Natural beauty is abundant, and fly fishing aficionados will be thrilled to know that Cheyenne is within driving distance of the Little Big Horn area, which provides some of the best fly fishing opportunities on the planet. The Cheyenne Botanical Gardens is another place that is popular with nature lovers. The city also features several historical buildings such as the Governor’s Mansion, the Union Pacific Depot, and the Atlas Theater that offer a look at frontier architectural styles and a glimpse into what life was like when the western part of the United States was being settled. We think that Cheyenne is an excellent place for students of all types, as well as an ideal place to have a long-term career.